Happy March 2023!

March 2023! How’s your March going so far? We had another huge dirt storm yesterday. I had just cleaned up from the last one. I was so proud of myself, the day after our last one, I cleaned all our windows and dusted the shutters, furniture and mopped the kitchen floor AGAIN!. When we have dust storms our kitchen counters will have a layer of dirt and you know me, I can’t rest until I get them cleaned. I always wonder how much dirt we breathe in and get in our lungs. Oh, well, that’s something to think about later. All I know, my house is now clean again…except for the front porch…that’s for another day, too!

I wanted to touch base with you and tell you that I’m working on some fun ideas for my blog. I have all kinds of things I want to share with you. Things that the Lord has shown me BIG TIME the last couple of years. I’ve changed a lot in how I look at things and accept things. Our world has gone insane and it’s a real struggle to keep a positive attitude and continue to live life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest has always been my motto and I have learned that it is almost a fight to do so sometimes. So, I will be sharing some thoughts on that as well as I am finally getting back to my continuing series called “Women of Worth!” I know so many amazing ladies and there are so many stories, testimonies that make them who they are and I want to share them with you! Why? To encourage you. Iron sharpens iron and we all walk in different shoes, but, one thing we have in common, we need to be encouraged and know that we aren’t alone in our walk through this life on earth. So, stay tuned and I can’t wait to share some amazing ladies that I know. and meet regularly. I’ve always been one to think we should have friends and those that inspire us of all ages. This is a picture of a mom and daughter and I and these two have inspired me greatly. I hope to share more about them along with so many others in the future.

This photo was taken last summer…..and my hair has changed….was trying to grow out and I gave up….who knows if I will try again….when your hair is thick and likes to do it’s own thing…just take too long and too much work! Yes, we will be talking hair… coming up soon!

Do you enjoy reading magazines like I do? I read decorating, fashion, health and inspirational magazines. Well, that is how I hope my blog is for you. My dream is for it to be like a beautiful magazine filled with inspiration, encouragement and tips on how Beverly has made it to 63! Which brings me to another topic I’m working on and that is…aging! 61 hit me hard and I’ve learned many lessons to get my thinking back in check. I have so much to be thankful for and I’ll continue to share the things that I wish I would have known before the 60’s popped up so quickly!

I hope your weather is beautiful and calm as we welcome spring very soon. I have begun to get my closet switched over to spring/summer. I love fall winter clothes, so, spring takes me awhile to get going, but, I’m ready, I’m ready for beautiful weather (without the dirt) and green grass and flowers. Did you know that green is a huge color for the spring in our fashion choices… all shades….I love green!

I have shared with you something that my friend Shari Braendel and her team have designed and that is the Closet Outfit Planner. I purchase mine each season and they recently began a subscription plan which I have subscribed to. If you are interested, I’m going to share a link for you to go to so you can check it out and see if you would like to try it out. I just got mine today since it’s a subscription. (Subscribers get them early) When you click on the link you can read more about it.

Spring/Summer Closet Outfit Planner (subscription)

Color Analysis (If you don’t know your color code, you will want to take a quick quiz to find out)

I will be back very soon and if you know anyone that you think needs some encouragement in being a woman of worth, a woman of faith or how about just a woman trying to stay positive and excited about life; share this blog with her and encourage her to subscribe so she won’t miss a thing.

Have a fabulous weekend!

When I Grow Up…

We just got home from a trip to Florida. We flew from Texas to Florida on Southwest Airlines. The plane was packed going and returning home. On both flights we had a flight attendant crew that seemed like they enjoyed their job. The flight home was especially fun to watch the main flight attendant. She was on top of her game and she had a dry sense of humor. Every time she made an announcement, it made me giggle just a bit. As I watched, I had so many flashbacks of when I was little and dreamed of becoming an airline stewardess. When I was young they were called stewardesses. I still struggle to call them flight attendants. It might have been just to wear the fashions they wore back then.

Flight Attendant uniform from 60’s-70’s

I was always attracted to airplanes. When I was a sophmore in high school I found out that there was a flying club at my high school. I signed up and went to several meetings after school. The man in charge was an older man and he was so nice and kind. I was the only girl and I felt a bit out of place but, I loved each meeting. The plan was that we were going to get to fly an actual plane. It was going to cost quiet a bit to be that involved. Money for such a thing was not in my moms budget at all, so I eventually stopped attending the meeting. I explained to the director and he understood. He gave me a Piper jacket. I loved that jacket and wore it for several years.

I took french in high school simply because I envisioned myself flying to Paris regularly as a stewardess. I figured knowing french would be a plus when I would apply someday. Parlez-vous Francais?

The only thought about how I learned what a stewardess was is that I had a set of paper dolls that were stewardesses when I was young. The clothes were all so classy and pretty. I’m thinking I saw some movies that had airline stewardesses. I was six or seven when I announced to my parents that my dream was to be an airline stewardess. I later found out I had to be 21 to do my dream job. I patiently waited for 21 to arrive. When I was 17, I found out that Braniff Airlines accepted applicants at the age of 18. I was so excited when I read this. So, as soon as I turned 18, I applied. In those days (1977) they mailed an application and you fill it out and send it back. One day, I had a letter arrive from Braniff Airlines. I opened it and inside was an airline ticket and instructions of when to be in Dallas at their headquarters for a preliminary interview. I couldn’t believe it.

I called my uncle that lived in Dallas and asked if he would be able to pick me up at the airport and drive me to the interview. He was excited to do so. I was all set. The day came. I didn’t have a clue what to wear, so, I just wore what I normally wore to church. At this time I loved a certain style of dress by Gunne Sax. They had ruffles and some tied in the back with a bow and was usually made of a small floral print. So, I chose my favorite Gunne Sax dress which was blue with tiny flowers, a bow in the back and puffy sleeves with ruffles. It had a full skirt that was below my knees. I wore mary jane shoes with a heel. This was very 70’s. My mom took me to the airport that morning and I boarded the plane.

I fond this photo online of a typical Gunne Sax dress

A middle aged man was sitting next to me and began asking me questions about myself. He asked me where I was going and I explained that I was going for an interview with Braniff Airlines to be a stewardess. He told me that sounded very impressive and then asked if I liked to fly. I then told him, I had never flown before. He started laughing and I think he laughed most of the way to Dallas. He did wish me luck when we got off the plane.

Since I hadn’t flown before I didn’t know what to think when my ears clogged up. I didn’t know the trick to yawn or hold your nose and blow to pop your ears. My ears hurt and I couldn’t hear hardly anything. When I arrived in Dallas, my Uncle was waiting for me. He drove me straight to the Braniff offices. As I talked with my Uncle, I could hardly hear anything he said. He dropped me off at the office where the interview was to take place. I went in and was told to wait in the waiting room. Several girls were waiting as well. They looked much older than me. I also noticed they were dressed much different than me. I remember seeing they were mostly in straight short dresses with heels. I was beginning to feel very much out of place. I sat there for probably about 30-45 minutes waiting for my name to be called. I was so nervous and I was praying for courage and strength to not be shy or nervous during the interview. After about 15 minutes, I felt in my heart that the Lord was speaking to me, “Beverly, this is not what I have for you.” It was as if all the sudden I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there and I for sure wasn’t supposed to be an airline stewardess. Then my name was called. I went in and the first thing they did was weigh me. I weighed 125. The lady weighing me said that I needed to lose some weight as the chart says I should weigh 123 or less. I all at the sudden felt like a fat country bumpkin from the sticks! Then I was directed into a room with a group of 6 other people. A man at a desk began asking questions and we had to answer when he called on us. I was struggling so bad to hear. I can’t remember the exact questions that were asked except the last one and he asked what my plans would be if I wasn’t chosen to work for Braniff. I said I would be a church secretary or a teacher in a Christian school. I have no idea where that came from, but, evidently I had been thinking about it. I felt everyone turn and look at me with puzzled looks. The funny thing is, I didn’t care as I knew that this was not what I was to be doing anyway. I knew in my heart that the Lord had allowed me to experience all of this so I could see first hand how the process worked. If I wouldn’t have been able to experience that, I probably would have regrets to this day of not going for my dream. I left the interview and got in my uncles car and we headed back to the airport. On the way, my ears popped. My uncle then told me what I was supposed to do when your ears clog on an airplane. A bit late, but I sure was glad they popped. All the way home I kept working on my ears so that would never happen again!

I received a letter from Braniff a couple weeks later that said I was not chosen (shock) and I could apply again at a later date. It didn’t bother me in the least as I knew that I was fortunate enough to get the experience of the interview and I also knew I heard the Lord tell me that this was not what He had for me. I never looked back with any regrets. Although, I did get my weight to 123 and kept that as my goal for a few years.

Now when I fly and watch the flight attendants, I always think how fun it looks from a distance, but I’m thankful for the life that the Lord had for me instead. My mind always goes back to that interview and how out of place I must have looked to everyone in that room and also how out of place I felt.

Since that time I have lived my life to where I seek God’s direction in everything I do. Sometimes I know right away when something isn’t right and sometimes I go through things to learn some important lessons. I always try to share the lessons I’ve learned to possibly help someone else.

Pray about everything and listen…..you will know. Wisdom and discernment are wonderful gifts. Ask the Lord for wisdom each and every day.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

Until next time,

The Life Of A Shy Girl Who Graduated 45 Years Ago!

Yes, the invitation came for our 45th High School Reunion!. It seems like just yesterday I wrote about the 40th. That was a fast 5 years! So, I decided to just share the link to what I wrote on my school memories. I went back to the post and updated by correcting a couple of typos. Those sneaky typos! Oh, and I added one more story from my jr. high memories. I didn’t share a certain story before as it was a bit embarrassing and I didn’t know how to share it. But, I managed this time.

I know everyone has crazy stories from their school days. I only share mine as to help someone see that kids go through so much more than we think they do and how we as adults treat them is so important. Of course, I’m partial to shy kids. You just can’t explain it clear enough of just how painful being shy is. But, I will say this, as hard as it was, I am thankful for my shyness. I honestly believe that my shyness more than likely, kept me safe. I will eventually share more in that area soon. I was an “at-risk” kiddo and I’m so very thankful for making it through without too many scars. Of course, I have stories to tell on how my shyness prevented me from things I’d probably regret today.

Here is the link to my synopsis of 12 years of school as a shy girl!

Go Out Into All The World and Share The Gospel (and next door) – Part 2

I know you have been hanging on by your fingernails waiting for my Part 2 on this topic! Oh, you haven’t? Well, here is the link to the first part to catch you up. Go Into All the World – Part 1. Have I mentioned I’m an excellent procrastinator? I can give lessons if you like. I also get sidetracked and think of so many other things to share. But, the good news is….I’m on it today. It’s important you read Part 1 to understand what I’m talking about.

A few years ago as I was opening all the shutters (we have plantation shutters on all of our windows) to welcome in the morning sun and I noticed an ambulance right next door. I got to looking and trying to figure out what was going on. (Gladys Cravatz, from the old show Bewitched) The police were there for a very long time. I thought, “oh, my, this looks serious, I wonder what happened! Should I go and see if I can help in any way?”

The house next door had sold to a couple with a daughter it seemed. I had such good intentions to go over and meet them and get to know them. We would see them walk their dog and I would try to talk to them, but, they never really stopped or seemed interested in visiting. They did seem nice though. We live in a day and time where people don’t like to stop and chat. Even when you see someone in a store that you know and you speak they will speak and keep on going? No time for chit chat. Anyway, back to my story. Needless to say, I did not know this family’s name or anything. Fortunately, I was dressed for the day and it was early morning! Score! I walked over and knocked on the door, the lady of the house came to the door and I told her who I was and that I saw the ambulance and wanted to check to see if there was anything I could do, etc. She then told me……that….her husband had just passed away in the night, in his sleep. My heart sank. I had no idea what to say. I told her I was so sorry and that my husband and I are here whatever she needed. She very graciously thanked me. I walked back to my house feeling horrible! This lady seemed to be alone as her daughter was in college and I didn’t see anyone but the police with her. I felt like a total failure to have never gone over and gotten to know her before now. My heart hurt deeply for her. I worried she didn’t have anyone. I did ask if she had a church and she said no. Oh, yes, I felt even worse!!! I kept an eye on the house and a watch out for her and her daughter. I went over the next day to check on her. She was kind and came out and visited. She was from the north and had plans to move back. She also had a church home there. I was able to pray with her. She and her daughter moved within a couple of weeks. My heart is still heavy over that experience. I was heavily convicted of not knowing my neighbor right next door and a man actually died there and I had no idea who he was. I’m sorry, but, there is no excuse for that!

I put a plan in action. I typed up a letter to my neighbors. Our street is only a couple blocks long. It curves around and we probably have maybe 20 houses. In my letter it basically explained who Jim and I were and a little about us. I also shared that I would like to form a neighborhood contact list for emergencies, etc. I put all of our contact info on it and a form for them to fill out or email me with their info. Then I went to the bakery and bought 20 lemon baby bundt cakes and had each one wrapped oh, so cute! Then one early evening Jim and I went to every door to deliver the cakes and letter. What fun we had meeting each neighbor that answered the door. We have a street with some amazing people and very friendly. We have a neighborhood where everyones garages are in the back….so needless to say, we rarely see anyone unless you are out walking. Rarely do you see kids out playing in the front.

The response was pretty good, I had enough neighbor info to send out to those that were interested in keeping up with one another. The plans are to have a neighborhood get together and even some ladies lunches. Which we had one ladies luncheon so far. There were several homes that didn’t answer the door or respond to the note I left on the door. Which is okay, that’s just the way it is. I was excited as I felt better about meeting our neighbors and getting to know some pretty amazing people. Not to mention the safety of knowing what is going on in our neighborhood and being able to keep up with everyone if needed.

The only negative thing was through the grapevine I heard one lady was upset that we had come by and wanted to get to know her and her family. She even made fun of the lemon bundt cake. Who knew? The funny thing about that was they were the most friendly of all. Maybe now that I think of it, her husband was extremely friendly. She may have just endured. The sad thing is, her husband passed a bit after all of that. Now that I’m writing this, that’s two husbands that have passed that I know of on our short little street. Interesting….

Shortly after this neighbor reach out plan, life got really busy and then the C-O-V hit the world. So guess what I need to do? Yep, I need to get back to my neighborhood project and get some things planned for our neighbors. We even have several new neighbors that we need to meet that have moved in over the past couple of years. And yes, I will do my lemon bundt cakes again even if some think it’s cheesy. I just think they are the cutest things and oh, so good!

I encourage you to get to know your neighbors and if you have certain way of doing that, I would love to hear about it. Do you have get togethers with your neighbors?

The mission field is right outside our door, plus you just might meet a really good friend!

Until next time!

2022 Thoughts….

I won’t say, “Wow, how did we get to 2022, wasn’t it just 2020!” No, I’m not going to say that! But, really, HOW? Okay….moving on…

I wanted to write on one of my favorite subjects today about being thankful and not only speaking of our thankfulness but, putting it in writing. I knew I had written on this subject a few times before and the latest was in January of 2020. When I was writing on my goals and dreams for 2020, I had no idea what was in store. What a wild and crazy year it was. It carried over into 2021 and thankfully things settled down mid 2021. I could say, I never want to think about that year and a half again, but, I can’t. I learned way too much. I love sharing the things that I learn in order to hopefully encourage or help someone else. One of the things that helped me navigate my way out of such craziness during that time was reading after others who had been in the same shoes. It gave me much hope. I’ll admit, sometimes I would read things and it made it worse. Oh, I hope I don’t do that for anyone.

Back to the main topic….thankfulness!

I’m going to share this post that I did when I was preparing for 2020:


This year I will continue on in being intentional in being thankful in my note writing and verbally.

While on the subject of writing thank you’s, here is an article I wrote on sending notes of encouragement:


Did you know we could change someones day with just a note of encouragement or a spoken word. We could even change a life!

Here is one more article while we are on the subject of encouraging others:


Oh, to be someone that always bounces the ball back to others. Could be life changing!

I hope those articles will inspire you to go out and make a difference in someones life. I have a feeling it will make a difference in your life as well.

Happy New Year and I know that 2022 is going to be a good year! I’m counting on it.

Until next time,

Mistaken Text….or was it?

This morning I checked my phone to see if I had any calls or texts. One of my texts was from a number that didn’t look familiar. It basically said, “Hey, how are you? I’m blah blah and we traded numbers at blah blah’s cocktail party, you want to get together?” (They really used a name, I’m just saying blah blah because I can’t remember the name they used.) Anyway, I started to delete it and block the number, but, I thought, well, she probably needs to know she has the wrong number. So, I simply wrote, “wrong number.” She quickly wrote back something like, “I can’t believe he gave me the wrong number, I’ve never had that happen before, I feel like a ****.” Then I thought, “hmmm….maybe this person needs to hear something about Christ.” This is the time my husband will say, “Why, you know you should always just delete a wrong number.” Anyway….She then sent a picture of her face. She looked like she was about 20 if that. I proceeded to tell her that she needed to trust Jesus as He will never let her down or deceive her. What have I got to lose, I’m 62. I’m a mom and a mimi! I sent her a scripture. Then she wrote back as if she didn’t read anything and said, “can you talk, etc.” The way “she” wrote this, I could tell, this wasn’t an accident. So, I then gave this person the plan of salvation and another scripture and blocked the number and deleted it.

A couple of lessons learned.

#1. There are people out there randomly sending what looks to be innocent texts to whomever, hoping they get a vulnerable person that will be pulled in to only the Lord knows what!

#2. When you read about a child or teen who is caught up in horrible positions, it could have begun with something like this text. Or even a grown adult who has no scruples as to know what is going on. That is what they hope for; that someone on the other end will take the bait. Many are hooked and caught in a horrible net of sin and deception.

#3. When you get a text or call like that, block it immediately. Don’t think you are going to win them….you are dealing with satan himself! He is out to destroy you and will stop at nothing!

I felt strongly that I needed to share this with you as January happens to be “Human Trafficking Awareness Month.”

The angle that I feel strongly about is in protecting your children. Just about every child/teen has a phone these days. If we only knew the snares that our kids can get into just with a simple phone that we think is there to keep them safe. Which it will, but, what discernment they must have in how to control the phone. Many parents just hand the phone to their children without any warnings or rules. Remember most kids can’t even make their own beds or brush their teeth without being told to, yet we give them a phone and expect them to have wisdom.

Many years ago, I led a group in our city that worked on fighting the por*nography problem in our area. It was bad and I will share soon what all we accomplished and what I learned. But, the reason I tell you that is one of the first things that I learned was when it came to allowing your children to go online, we have no idea what all is available at the touch of a keyboard. What I would tell parents is to imagine dropping your child off alone at Central Park in New York City at the entrance and tell them you will pick them up in a couple of hours. Really, any park these days. Would you? I didn’t think so! That is how it is when you let your child sit down at the computer. Anything and everything is lurking to wait to lure your child to them. Now days, it’s the phone. We hand a phone to our child/teen and anything and everything is waiting for just the right moment.

The text that I got this morning, wasn’t my first. For about two years I was on someones list that sent group texts with links to only the Lord would know. I have a feeling the way they got my number was from a valet service I used at a hotel in Fort Worth because, the texts began the day I left the hotel. (a very nice hotel, by the way.) Each time I would get one, I would block every number. Then more would come a few days later. I did call the police and they said that nothing could really be done as it was probably coming from over seas. So, I kept blocking the numbers for almost two years. They finally stopped. Maybe they ran out of numbers.

I can’t even imagine what someone would get into if they clicked on the links or answered a call. We really do need to take it very seriously what is going on in our world and how the enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy us and our children!

It’s so easy to get caught up in our happy, fulfilled lives that we think that nothing bad will happen or come near our home. I honestly feel that we shouldn’t be scared, but we should be aware. Don’t bury your head in the sand and think, “aww, that won’t happen here.” As a parent, we are the one that is responsible for our children’s safety. Not the schools, not the government, not the neighbor, etc. It’s you! So, what have you done to make sure your child is protected with the device that is in their hands that can go around the world and back? What about you? Are you on your toes and aware of how you can be affected as well?

One time I got a wrong number on my phone. He asked for so and so, I said “You have the wrong number.” I hung up immediately. He called back and I thought, “my goodness, did he dial the wrong number again?” He didn’t have nice things to say and I hung up as fast as I could! We can be caught off guard so easily. We need to always be asking the Lord for wisdom and discernment in this area!

I so hope this helps someone and prevents something really awful happening to an innocent child, teen or adult! May we always be aware and remember the world is not as safe as we wish it were. We are to be a light in a dark world; use much wisdom in every way possible!

Since it is “Human Trafficking Awareness Month,” I hope you will become aware of the problem, pray about it and always be alert. The area that I live in has been labeled as being rampant with this issue. I do my best to always be alert and aware of what is going on in my community and I keep my eyes open for anything that looks suspicious. I’m also making it more of a habit to not answer numbers that I don’t know and delete text the second they come in that are obviously not right.

I am sharing an article that I wrote describing a couple of instances I went through as a child and a teen. This was in the 70’s, so I can only imagine how much worse it would be today. I will always remember those times and I thank the Lord constantly for protecting me and giving me wisdom even as a young girl. I’m also including an article I wrote on what to do when hear an Amber Alert.

Too Close for Comfort!

Amber Alert…what can I do?

Mistaken Text….or was it?

Remember, don’t be fearful…be strong, discerning and wise!

Until next time,

70 (And Counting) Years of Labor…

Labor Day, 2021! As I was preparing for today, I got to thinking….”what is Labor Day about, anyway?” I tend to forget as we don’t hear much about it except it is a National Holiday….banks are closed, mail doesn’t run, some businesses are closed or close early and you may see flags flying more than normal. I looked up the actual meaning of Labor Day and this is what I found:

Observed the first Monday in September, Labor Day is an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers. The holiday is rooted in the late nineteenth century, when labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being.

You can read more about Labor Day by clicking here.

I have to share with you the story of my mom who is my hero, by the way. My mom will be 83 this week. She still works to this day. Not because she has to… because she wants to.

I love to hear her stories of her younger years. They were tough and they got tougher as she got older. The sad thing is, it didn’t have to be tough. It was mainly due to choices of people in her life that didn’t see her value and worth. The good news is, it only made her stronger. I could tell you some amazing stories….but for today, I just want to share a tiny bit of her life as a woman who has been in the labor force for 70 years.

Mom began working in a movie theater when she was 13 years old. She worked at the popcorn concession stand for a man named Mr. Moses who owned the local movie theaters in Fort Stockton, Texas. He moved her up to work in the ticket booth selling movie tickets. She worked there until she graduated from high school. I have to share this bit of trivia. A lady came to the theater regularly that had a little girl that my mom describes as so very cute and mannerly. My mom asked the lady what her little girls name was. The lady answered, “Beverly Kay.” She had blonde hair and green eyes. As she walked away, my mom told herself that if she ever had a little girl, she would name her Beverly Kay. And, she did…..and I even had blonde hair and green eyes!

After my mom graduated, she worked for an oil company until she married. After my mom married, she helped my dad manage the movie theaters that Mr. Moses hired my father for in a small West Texas town of Crane and eventually in New Mexico. Shortly after, my mom became a telephone operator. As time went on and with three little ones, she always had a job as a store clerk, desk clerk etc. If you follow me, you know a bit about “my story.” We moved many times as my dad was a surveyor and we moved with a crew of people all over Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

My parents divorced when I was 12. We were now on our own and zero money. When I say zero….I really mean it. My mom made it work somehow. I was beginning Jr. High and she began working as a desk clerk at a large hotel in town. Long hours and low pay. She looked for part time work to go along with that job and worked at a country club on weekends at the front desk. She also worked the concession stand at the professional baseball teams park. Yes, I was a babysitter for my two younger brothers. Lot’s of time sitting at baseball games waiting for my mom to get off. Life was busy and a bit hard, but, because of my moms hard work ethic, we made it! Let me just share this. My mom would have loved to have been a stay at home mom and raise us three kiddos. It just never worked out for her.

Our lives changed when I was 14. Jesus came into our lives and talk about a change not only in our personal lives, but our home life as well. My mom found a new job that would replace those three other jobs. She worked for the local newspaper office. She was the one who put the ads in the paper for local businesses. One day as she was measuring an ad for a church, she read about a group that was coming to town to sing. That is how we ended up in this particular church after never really knowing what church was all about and surely never attending as a family.

After attending and growing in our walk with the Lord, the pastor and his assistant came to visit and offered my mom a job as the church secretary. My mom was shocked but told them that she had just gotten this job at the newspaper office and was making enough money to make it. She explained that she couldn’t leave unless she were to make more money that she was. After they asked her how much she needed to make, she said that she was making $100.00/week. They then offered her $125.00/week. She then accepted the offer and worked as the church secretary for 12 years. She loved her job. She never complained and never talked about anything that was going on in the office. The only thing she would tell me is how much she enjoyed her work and the people she served. She also told me that they loved our little family and loved me and I believed her. I grew up always feeling safe where we were. Money was always tight, but, as hard as it is to explain…..we never did without necessities. I believe the Lord took care of my mom because of her hard honest work. She never thought anyone owed her anything. That goes for the government, too. We were never on government assistance of any kind. My mom felt that as long as you can work and have a job, you didn’t need assistance. If you don’t have a job, you get out and find one.

My mom did get a night job once cleaning office buildings for awhile when she left her church secretary job. She worked downtown as a secretary for a secretarial service and she had a friend who had a check cashing store and they asked her to manage that. When my husband and brother began their business they asked her to come work for them as a bookkeeper. That is what she is still doing to this day. Everyone loves my mom because they know she loves them and if they don’t see mom around for a few days, they will always ask, “Where’s Grandmom!”

Well, I could go on forever talking about my mom. I just wanted you to get a glimpse of a lady who has never been afraid of work. She has been working since she was 13 and will be 83 this week. Labor Day is the day to honor women like my mom! She is what makes America great!

May you have a great Labor Day and honor those that work for all that they have! If you ever need someone to teach about work ethic, you might ask my mom!

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Let Negativity Go In 2020

Let’s continue on with our discussion on things that I’m working on for the new year. We talked about being thankful in my last post and showing our thankfulness in writing. If you missed it, click here to read.

When looking back on 2019, I am most frustrated by letting the negative things have a strong hold in my life. I could list them for you, but, I won’t as to bore you to death. There are some crazy things that are just plain old negative going on and sometimes I get really discouraged by them. When we are discouraged, we have a tendency to think:

“What’s the use”

“Who cares”

“I give up”

“I’m not trying anymore”

“I’ll never trust anyone ever again”

“I’m done”

“I’m depressed”

…and it goes on and on.

I’m sure you can list something that you have said in your mind when the negative elements of life hit you in the face.

I’m basically a very easy going person. I’m on the quiet side and I love a quiet easy life. I don’t have to have lot’s of noise and things going on all the time to be fulfilled. Although, I love to go and see new places and meet new people. I have many friends who I’ve known for many years and I also love making new friends. I will go out of my way to nurture my friendships.

I am crazy about my family. Each one of them mean more to me than I can even express in writing. I will do whatever it takes to make sure they know how much I love each one of them.

I am so very thankful that I know without a doubt who my creator is. So thankful that I put all of my faith and trust in Christ at the age of 14 and have never regretted, doubted or looked back. As a new believer there was a short time I had questions as the things I was learning in the textbooks and by teachers at school didn’t add up to what I was hearing at church. I came to a decision that my Bible was where I would get my answers. My faith has only gotten stronger year after year. For this I am grateful. So, I am sensitive to those that have chosen to not believe because I can see how in the world that we have, it would be easier to not believe in a creator. It makes me even more thankful for my strong faith. It doesn’t come easy for some.

So, when life is so good and you have a thankful heart… how can negativity creep in?

So glad you asked that.

*If you turn on the t.v and especially if you are a news junkie like me, you will see the negative. I don’t watch the local news, if I did, I wouldn’t leave my house! I’m a FOX News fan and I watch a couple of my favorite commentators in the evening. Woo….weee……as my mom has always said, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket!” I can only handle so much. I do want to stay on top of things in the world. I don’t want to be ignorant of things going on out there. As a young girl, I had to do a report on current events and my grandfather gave me a huge stack of a news magazine collection he had of current events around the world. That was the first time I had seen or heard of things going on in our world. I was amazed. Since that time, I’ve been intrigued with issues going on in our world. It does seem like the negative outweighs the good in our world.

*People seem to be on edge every where you turn. The city I live in is going through a boom due to the oil industry. It is busy and crowded. Many rude drivers abound and it seems everyone is out for themselves. When you go to a retail establishment or restaurant, it is refreshing when you meet an unhurried and friendly person….pretty rare. It’s almost like, you take what you can get in the food area when dining out. That’s why I love to travel, you get really good service in places that aren’t desperate for help.

*People. Yes, you read that correctly…people. We live in a culture of “It’s all about me!” “Like it or leave it!” “I can treat you anyway I want and there is nothing you can do about it.” “I don’t need a friend, I have plenty!” “If you don’t look and act how I think you should, you aren’t worth my time.” Yep, we all know people like that. Sometimes we sit next to them at church, we live next door to them and yes, they are even in our families. I know; not fun at all. Someone told me once, “You would be the last person I would be friends with; just because you are family doesn’t mean I like you.” Alrighty then…..next! 😉 Negative words sting, don’t they? Negative words also stick! Isn’t it funny that we can remember the negative words and we can barely remember the positive words that are said to us. That’s why it’s important to always affirm strangers, friends and family with your positive words. Tell others what you appreciate about them and why. You might change someones life just with your kind words.

*Social media is everywhere. I don’t think we can get away from it. There are good things that can come from social media, though. I am learning to pace myself and figure out how social media will and won’t be a part of my life. Let’s just say this…..I am so very thankful that social media wasn’t around when I was a teen. Yikes! I feel sorry for the kids that live and breath social media and miss out on the interaction of a real human voice and face. Trust me, it shows out in the real world. I think that’s how the “it’s all about me” culture is growing.

Well, I guess we will stop there. You get the picture, right?

Have some negative thoughts, emotions and people held you back in the past? It’s time to just let it go. Let 2020 be the year that you let all those negative thoughts, things and even negative people from the past go! You can’t change any of it. You can change you, though. You can change how you think about all of those things.

Be the person that someone will say about you:

“Wow, does she know what they said about her? Why does she look so happy and peaceful?”

“Does she not know the world is in shambles, why is she so peaceful and content?”

“Does she know how I’m treating her? Why does she keep being nice to me?”

Have you heard the southern gospel song that says, “I read the back of the book and we win?” I hope you are reading the right book, (God’s Word)….because if you are, then you know, we have nothing to worry about. Trust me, there are plenty of books that contradict God’s Word and those books don’t give any hope at all. How thankful I am for the hope that I have in Jesus Christ.

Do you have some things you need to let go this year once and for all?

I just thought of another song that says, “This world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through!” Hallelujah! For this I am thankful! Until then, let’s make 2020 the best year ever for us and our families by being positive, happy and content regardless of the negativity that is thrown our way on a daily basis. We got this….

The Art of Saying Thank You…

Happy New Year! I love the way 2020 looks, don’t you? I asked if you were ready for 2020 in my picture. That’s a silly question isn’t it? It really doesn’t matter if you are or you aren’t, because it’s here!

I love fresh starts so the beginning of the year is always a fun time for me. I came down with a cold and I think I’m about over it, but, I don’t have much energy. I do have energy to think and contemplate on how I hope my 2020 goes. So much controversy these days about resolutions and goals. I love setting goals and yes, I make resolutions with myself. Only I know if they don’t work and if they don’t, so be it…if they do…yay me! I think we should always be striving to be better in an area of our lives that we need improvement on or starting a new project or learning a new skill. It doesn’t even have to be the first of the year to do that, but, what a great time to begin…..the beginning of 2020. As I was journaling some thoughts and also wondering what I was going to write about on my blog, I thought….I’ll just write about the things I’m working on. Two things might be accomplished.

#1- It will help me to be more diligent in my task

#2 -It might encourage someone else in some way.

I will share one thing on each post as not to overwhelm anyone. (or myself) They also aren’t in any order of importance. I will choose something that is really speaking to me for the day.

Guess what is speaking to me today?

Being Diligent in Writing Thank You Notes!

I first have to tell you my horror story about… Thank You Notes!

When I was engaged to be married to my Jim, the deacon and staff wives at our church gave me a beautiful wedding shower. At that time in my life I was not used to receiving gifts at all. If you follow my blog and know of my childhood, you will understand. One of the deacon wives told me that I needed to go pick out china, glassware and various things that I would like to set up housekeeping. That idea just blew my mind and I was very uncomfortable doing so. But, I did it and with the guidance of this particular lady who happened to work at a very nice bed and bath boutique. She helped me pick out some fun things. I never dreamed I would be given most of it. What fun that was setting up our little house with such beautiful things. I was also told that I needed to send out thank you notes to everyone that came to our shower. I was given a list of all the gifts along with the names of who gave them to us.

One day I went shopping in a drugstore for some shampoo etc. and I saw a basket full of small thank you cards. They were plain white with a beautiful “Thank You” font on the front of the card. They were marked down to $2.00. I bought several of them. While we were on our honeymoon I wrote out thank you’s each day. I read up on how to write the correct thank you note and was so proud when I finished them. We bought stamps and put them in the mail. Done! Yay!

Then a few weeks later, I received a package from the post office. Inside was a note that said many of my cards had been destroyed due to the size of the cards and weren’t salvageable. They did have a few that were barely intact that they sent back to me. The note also said that some of them went through and they just weren’t sure how many made it and how many didn’t. I was dumbfounded! I didn’t have a clue what to do. 40 years later, I know what I should have done, but at the age of 20, I was clueless. Where was that deacon wife….I should have called her. I sat down and rewrote a handful of cards to some that I could read the names on and just let all the rest go. I am pretty sure my name was not spoke of in a positive way for all those that didn’t receive a thank you from me. I shared my story with as many that would listen, but, who knows.

All that to say, since that time I am a stickler on thank you notes. Not from others, but, from myself. I cannot rest until I get a thank you out for a gift or a kind deed that was done for me or my family. I’m sure I’ve dropped the ball many times, but, I have tried my best. When my kids were young, I taught both of them the art of a thank you note. They wrote thank you’s each time someone gave them a gift, even when we were told, “No, we are family, you don’t have to write a thank you.” We did anyway. By the way, don’t ever make a child feel like they shouldn’t have to write a thank you. It is only building character and a skill that they will need for the future. In my humble opinion.

Having a thankful heart is the beginning to having a good attitude about things and people in our lives. If we become unthankful and think we deserve things that are given to us, we will eventually become bitter and ungrateful. Writing a thank you note is just an outward showing of your true heart. It also has to be taught. Our children aren’t born with the knowledge of how to show thankfulness for someones kindness. We teach them those things.

I have a collection of books on etiquette and have read a lot on the art of note writing. By the way, be sure to read at the end of this post about a give away of one of my favorite books.

I’ll just sum up my own advice on writing a thank you note.

*You don’t have to use fancy notecards, it can be as simple as just a piece of paper and envelope. What fun it is though, to have an assortment of cute thank you notes that match your personality. I always have a large assortment of notecards at my desk ready to write at a moments notice.

*In a simple thank you, you can get straight to the point and thank the person you are writing for whatever deed or gift was given to you. Always name what was given and tell something about it. Such as why you love it or how you will use it. If someone gave you a monetary gift or gift card, mention the amount. “Such as Thank you so much for the generous gift of 1,000,000.00. I plan on buying a house next spring and this will come in handy.” Instead of “Thanks for the money.” One of my favorite thank you’s that I received from a young man said, “Thank you for the birthday gift, I can’t remember what it was but, thank you!” That made me laugh out loud. I saved it in my keepsake box. At least he was honest, right?

*I read that you have up to 10 days to write a thank you. I guess that is about how long it would take for someone to wonder if you received their gift and liked it or not. If I happen to wait longer than that, I will apologize for taking so long to write.

*For me, if I have several thank you’s to write, I have to pace them out. There is something about writing several notes at once. It makes me feel so rushed and my writing gets sloppy and I’m writing to get it over with. Isn’t that terrible? So, I have learned to pace myself and only write a few at a time, so each note will be more meaningful. Maybe I’m the only one that has that problem. When I have a thank you to write, I put it on my to do list and mark it off when I put it in the mail.

*Something else to think about is, you can write a thank you note to someone just for being a blessing in your life They don’t have to give you anything but their kindness and friendship. You could change someone’s day or life just by sending a simple little note in the mail. Everyone needs affirmation. I bet you can think of several that you could send a note to right now.

I hope that helps somehow. I know for me, I want to be more caring in my note writing and being thankful for the people in my life. Oh, how I shudder to think of all the people that I may have offended because they never received a thank you from me for a beautiful wedding gift. I do know how it feels to go and pick something out special for someone or even give money to and you never hear a word. You want to ask about it just in case it got lost, but then, you don’t want to offend at the same time. I’ve heard ladies over the years say very hurtful and mean things about someone when they didn’t receive a thank you for a gift they gave. I never want to be like that.

When we give a gift, we give it. No questions asked, nothing expected in return.

But….what a joy it is to receive a kind note from a thankful heart. It can make your day a little brighter.

Who do you know that needs to have words shared with them to make their day a little bit better! It’s so easy. All it takes is time.


I have 5 brand new copies of one of Joy Weaver‘s book. She is one of my favorites on etiquette and is also a dear friend!

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Veterans Day 2019

This morning I watched a ceremony that was on the Fox News Channel. It was a swearing in ceremony for new citizens of America. Lee Greenwood sang our National Anthem plus his famous song, I’m Proud to Be An American! It was a very moving ceremony and made me even more thankful than I already am to be an American. Each new American made a statement of how thankful they were to be in a free country. Yes, I cried as I watched. I love my country and I try so hard not to take my freedoms for granted.

I’m posting a link to a couple of past Veteran’s Day posts. I do hope they inspire you or encourage you today.

Remembering all those that have served on this Veteran’s Day!

This post is a story from a dear friend of mine who never met her father as he was serving in the military and his plane was shot down while her mom was expecting her. It is a very moving story and I thought you might like to read it if you haven’t already. Click here to read about Allison’s father.

Click here to read about a crazy dream I had while my brother was serving in the Marine Corps during Desert Storm.

Earlier this year I had a post that was a question and answer layout. Towards the end of the post, you will see a picture of my husband, brother and my father when they served in the military….so, just scroll to the end of the post and you will see it. Click here if you would like to see a short write up of their service.

Thanks for reading along today and have a great day remembering those that are and have served our country. If you see a veteran or an active military while out and about…..tell them….Thank you!

May God continue to bless America!