Fall 2022 Closet Outfit Planner

Fall is my favorite season for fashion! I love the colors, boots, cozy fashion and the list goes on and on. Don’t even get me started on fall decorating. Well, I will be sharing that soon, so be prepared. A girl just has to share don’t you think? Okay, back to the main point of this post….The Fall Closet Outfit Planner!

The Closet Outfit Planner is a PDF download that helps you build a capsule wardrobe with only 27 pieces. You will be given the keys to have 150 different outfits with those 27 pieces. If that isn’t enough, there are links to the actual articles that are shown in case you don’t have that item or a similar item already in your closet. Also, included in the planner is a section on body shape and how to dress for your particular body shape.

I’ve purchased mine for the past couple of years and it’s always so much fun to see the colors chosen for my color code and the items that are on trend for this season. I love putting outfits together and I’ll admit that a capsule wardrobe is a challenge for me, but, I always get my planner and see what I have in my closet that I hadn’t thought to put together and make a whole new outfit.

Here is your link for the new Fall 2022 Closet Outfit Planner. Feel free to browse around and read more about it on the link I just shared. If you decide to purchase, it is $37.00.

If you are not sure of your personal color code, I will share the link to take the free color analysis quiz to help you out. If you have any problems, let me know and I can help you. Free Color Analysis Quiz.

Trusting you are having a fabulous beginning of the fall season. I’m really rushing it, aren’t I?

Until next time,

The Life Of A Shy Girl Who Graduated 45 Years Ago!

Yes, the invitation came for our 45th High School Reunion!. It seems like just yesterday I wrote about the 40th. That was a fast 5 years! So, I decided to just share the link to what I wrote on my school memories. I went back to the post and updated by correcting a couple of typos. Those sneaky typos! Oh, and I added one more story from my jr. high memories. I didn’t share a certain story before as it was a bit embarrassing and I didn’t know how to share it. But, I managed this time.

I know everyone has crazy stories from their school days. I only share mine as to help someone see that kids go through so much more than we think they do and how we as adults treat them is so important. Of course, I’m partial to shy kids. You just can’t explain it clear enough of just how painful being shy is. But, I will say this, as hard as it was, I am thankful for my shyness. I honestly believe that my shyness more than likely, kept me safe. I will eventually share more in that area soon. I was an “at-risk” kiddo and I’m so very thankful for making it through without too many scars. Of course, I have stories to tell on how my shyness prevented me from things I’d probably regret today.

Here is the link to my synopsis of 12 years of school as a shy girl!

15th Anniversary of Blogging and Why I’m Still Here…

I’m trying so hard not to talk about how fast time flies. I find myself always saying, “I can’t believe it! It seems just like yesterday!” Nope, I’m not going to say it. Nope, I won’t say, “15 years!!! Seems like just yesterday when I nervously wrote my first post on my blog!” “Where has the time gone!”

Whew, I’m so glad I’m not saying that anymore! ūüėČ

We can take a look back though and see what all has transpired over 15 years and then talk about what is coming up on the horizon.

The year was 2007, I was 48 and I was at a writer’s conference in Nashville. One of the workshops I was in mentioned how important it was to have an online presence such as a blog or website. I studied all the various details on what to do to get started blogging. I had no idea what I was doing or what I was going to write about or who would care what I wrote about.

If you have been following my blog, you know pretty much everything I’ve been up to. What I love, what I do, what I think…..I guess you could say, I’m an open book! One of the first lessons I learned in writing is, “write what you know!” There you go….I definitely write what I know. It’s easy when you love life and you love everything. If I think I can help someone in any area, I will do my best in sharing what I learned through the same or similar situation. Because trust me, in my 63 years, I’ve seen and heard it all… I think. At least I hope I have.

The question could next be, “Beverly, why do you want to write and share your life on your blog?” That’s a good question. I feel like I’m not here on this earth to just exist and live for myself. The Lord has blessed me so much and I’ve learned so many lessons and I have this calling that I’m also here to help others. I’ve done my best in ministry and volunteering etc. But, in writing about my life and my thoughts ,I always think there just may be someone out there who needs to hear what I’m sharing. I so hope I give hope to someone not to give up. I hope I can bring joy somehow to someones life who may have lost their joy, or even just a little smile for the day. I would love to think that I challenged someone to be a better, more kind and thoughtful person for the day. I would also hope to inspire someone to love their home and their family and most of all, to come to know Jesus and all of His grace and mercy like I do. I guess that is why I feel called to write and share.

Another question may be, “Beverly, what is the best and the worst of your blogging experience?” (I feel like I’m interviewing myself…oh wait, I am.) I’ll go with the least favorite part of blogging first. Probably the worst part is making time. I’m a procrastinator. I’ll have good intentions for the day and a squirrel runs by and off I go and a week later I remember, “oh, yea, I was going to write about….ooooppppsss, I forgot!” Another hard part is keeping up with social media in order to attract readers. I would like to think that I had 10,000 subscribers and they all leave comments after every post telling how their life is now changed by something I wrote. Ummmm….that’s never going to happen. It just doesn’t work that way on this end. Oh, when I get a notice that someone that I know and love unsubscribed from my blog…now that’s a killer. I have to remind myself that I don’t know what’s going on in anyones life and I can’t judge anything or feel like I did something wrong. I gave my blog to the Lord the first day I began and I still do. I pray before each post and I ask for wisdom and guidance. God is in charge of who does and who doesn’t read what I have to say and the outcome.

The best part of blogging is being able to share what’s on my heart. I am a quiet and reserved person…..I have lot’s of stuff going on in my head and it feels like it’s going to explode sometimes. I feel most comfortable writing and not talking. Discernment and exhortation are my main gifts according to a spiritual gifts test years ago. It’s hard to exhort when you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. I’m laughing as I write that, by the way. I have a lot of people in my life who love to talk and share and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise anyway. So, here I am writing away all those thoughts. I also love the people I’ve met. I have some dear friends that I’ve met through blogging and at blog conferences. I love designing a blog that looks like me…that represents who I am. It’s like a home that you invite someone in to visit and have a glass of iced tea while you visit. One of my favorite parts is when I get an email or a comment on my blog from someone that says they were encouraged by what I wrote and could relate to a certain situation as they went through the same thing. My main love language is, affirmation. Affirming words make me want to keep on going.

Well there you go; my thoughts on 15 years of blogging! Thank you for making 15 years of blogging worth it!

But seriously, think about it! 15 years! I was 48, 15 years ago! I loved being 48. 15 years doesn’t really sound that long ago. So much has happened and gone on in 15 years. I’m now 63. I want to love being 63, too! In 15 years, I’ll be 78……….oh, my goodness! I think I’ll stop right there. Will I be blogging at 78? I’m laughing at that one, too! Only the Lord knows…..we will see!

For now, let’s live one day at a time and make each and every day the best we possibly can. What can you do today that will make a difference in someones life? I have a feeling you know exactly what to do…….go do it!

A Peek In My Closet

This past weekend I took on a project to clean out, declutter and organize my closet. I also did the same in our bedroom, bathroom and my office which is connected to our bedroom. I either donated, found a new place or stored the unwanted items. It feels so good to get that done. I always envision our house lifting up a bit from the weight being taken out. I know, silly, but, it helps.

I had a couple of people say that I should blog about my closet. I thought, that would be crazy, who wants to see that and it’s not that amazing. I have collected photos of closets that look like boutiques with the glass cabinets for clothes and all the pull out drawers for jewelry and sunglasses, etc. Oh, also a large round bench in the middle with a chandelier over it. I love looking at closet designs and dreaming, but, you got to go with what you got, right?

Now remember, I love everything! If it’s shiny and glittery, I love it! If it’s feminine and modest, I love it! I am trying to be much more intentional on my purchases as I love to shop. I have a different closet where I keep my off season clothing and I also have a space where I’m hanging on to some things that I can’t let go of as I’m hoping to fit into them soon! I have a time limit and if I don’t, they have to go as I don’t have much room to hang on to too much. Yes, the struggle is real. I know the saying that if you can’t wear it now, get rid of it. I have gotten rid of plenty, but, there are a few things, that I just love and they keep me motivated to keep working on my plan. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’ve had fun decorating my closet with books on fashion and beauty, jewelry, bags and wall art. I enjoy going in my closet as it is peaceful to me and I like seeing the things that make me smile. We painted the walls a hunter green color. I love all shades of green. We hung a chandelier in the center of the ceiling and replaced the long fluorescent lights with little crystal chandeliers.

This is a picture before I cleaned out and organized. It shows the lighting better and how I have containers on top shelves for out of season bags and shoes. I also have little cloth organizers for specialty things like small purses, wallets, etc.
Brighton Jewelry used to have a line called My Flat In London. I loved their bags and jewelry. I couldn’t resist collecting their bags. I’m sad that My Flat In London is no longer available. Trust me, it was all so cute and fun!

I made my own jewelry box out of one of the cabinets in my closet. That third drawer down is the only drawer that hasn’t been organized and cleaned out. Maybe I’ll get to it today.
I had this piece of art that has glittery lip sticks on it and it was the perfect size to cover up a little window above the shelf. So, I had to decorate the shelf, right? Yes, I love watches! These are some that I have that I don’t wear often. I have a feather duster that I dust things in my closet on a regular basis! Yes, I dust jewelry.
I love this picture of our granddaughter when she was very young. It makes me smile!
Turquoise! Can you have enough?
Who doesn’t love pearls?
This shelf is at front of closet and my vanity is right on other side, so I store hair products so they are easy to reach. I’m in the process of using up what I have. Yes, my hobby is trying out hair products. We must have a discussion soon on hair.

I saw this piggy bank and had to have it. On the side it has crystal Chanel logo. I actually fill it with coins. I may need to go shopping with it all someday.

Isn’t this the cutest bag? I had to share!

One of my favorite verses.

So there you go, my closet! Out of all the fun and all the fashion and bling; none of it matters if you don’t portray a heart filled with the love of Christ. We are representatives of the One who created us, loves us and He is our only hope. I’m thankful that as a young teen I put my faith in Jesus and He gave me a new life. When we get dressed each day, putting on the full armor of God and heading out to be a light in the world is the most important of all. I think my armor has a little bling on it by the way. You may not like bling at all and that is fine. We are all different. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all in need of a Savior. I so hope you have had a life change from the King of Kings. If you have any questions about who Jesus is and wondering what I’m talking about, click here.

“Finally,¬†be strong in the Lord and in¬†the strength of His might.¬†¬†Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the¬†schemes of the devil.¬†¬†For our¬†struggle is not against¬†]flesh and blood, but¬†against the rulers, against the powers, against the¬†world forces of this¬†darkness, against the¬†spiritual¬†forces¬†of wickedness in¬†the heavenly¬†places.¬†¬†Therefore, take up¬†the full armor of God, so that you will be able to¬†resist on¬†the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.¬†Stand firm therefore,¬†having belted your waist with truth, and having¬†put on the breastplate of righteousness,¬†¬†and having¬†strapped on your feet the preparation of the gospel of peace;¬†in addition to all, taking up the¬†shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the¬†flaming arrows of¬†the evil¬†one. ¬†And take¬†the helmet of salvation and the¬†sword of the Spirit, which is¬†the word of God.” Ephesians 6:10-17

Until next time,

Happy 4th of July – 2022

The 4th of July is always such a festive holiday. It’s a time to celebrate our country and our freedoms. I don’t take them lightly, especially in this day and time. I’m not going to write a post on all the insanity going on in our country. Instead, I want to share how grateful I am to have been born in the USA and living here in such a beautiful country. I have spent much time educating myself on just what all our country has gone through to be where we are today. It is pretty amazing to think about. Compared to other countries, we aren’t very old at all! When you look at all that people have gone through to make sure we are free in such a short time, you have to wonder just how we made it this far. I believe there is only one reason and that is because of God’s grace and mercy. I can’t imagine believing any other reason. May we always be seeking God for protection and praying for our leaders. Shall I mention, to make sure we vote for leaders who have a deep love for America and it’s freedoms. We should also be asking for discernment with all the many different viewpoints and issues going on each day. Much wisdom is needed each and every moment of our day.

¬† “If My people who are¬†called by My name will¬†humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways,¬†then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

I enjoyed decorating my little tea room for the 4th of July. I call it “Beverly’s Tea Room.” It’s so much fun decorating the tea room on a regular basis with all the holidays and seasons. It is even more special to entertain family and friends. I’m still learning all the ropes on serving and the flow of serving others without making a mess of things. I have a few things on the calendar in the near future and I’ll share those with you as well.

Let’s have an I Love America Tea, shall we?

I collect aprons and I this is my personal chef modeling her 4th Of July Apron!
I have a few collections of these figurines designed by Thomas Kincaid. How I’d love to dress like these ladies.

May you and your loved ones have a very special day!

This is from an online art class I try my hand at. She does such fun whimsical paintings and she makes me laugh…always fun! Timree.com

Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

My mom, my hero! She was a single mom with three kiddos. I was the oldest and I had two younger brothers.

My mom married when she was 20. She met a handsome man who swept her off of her feet. She had me a year later. When I was about 3 months old, she found out my dad had a weakness for other women and alcohol. It was a rough next several years for her. My dad would try to change many times. My mom is a very forgiving person. She and my dad separated several times up until I was about 12 years old. I have some good memories of my dad and some sad memories.

My dad left for the final time when I was 12. My mom was then on her own and determined to make it on her own without help from anyone. She had a 12, 9 and 3 year old and no one except for her sister in town who was busy raising her own family. I became my moms right hand girl! I was chief babysitter, housekeeper and anything else needing doing to help her out as she worked 3 different jobs for a season until she got a good job that paid the bills. She also never took any type of government assistance, even when people kept telling her she should. A few times we would find groceries in our car.

My mom was 33 when a youth pastor came to our door and led her to Christ. Our entire world changed for the better. A huge life change happened in my moms life and our little family in a tiny two bedroom house on Hill Street.

We didn’t miss a service or activity at the church….ever! My mom lived daily her love for her Savior. I honestly don’t know how we would have made it without Him. This year marks 50 years since she became a Believer in Jesus!

Life moved on and now my mom has 5 grandchildren who love her so much and 6 great-grandchildren and one on the way this August who are the apple of her eye. Family means the world to my mom. She doesn’t want much at all. Things aren’t important to her but what a joy it has been to make sure she is taken care of and doesn’t want or need anything. Between me and my two brothers, she is well cared for. I’ve loved taking her on trips. We’ve cruised a few times and traveled to some beautiful places.

Each Father’s Day since I can remember, I have given my mom a Father’s Day card to recognize all that she did for me growing up. She did a good job and I know it was rough and she was probably scared, lonely and many times had no idea how we were going to make it. Not once did she ever consider leaving us. One of my uncles came for a visit and asked to take me and give me a life he thought I needed. Fortunately, my mom declined his offer. Each Father’s Day, I remember my dad as well. I hang on to the few sweet memories I have of him and after spending many years praying daily for him, I’m trusting I will see him again someday!

My mom is now 83 and doing great. She is greatly blessed, well cared for and will not be in need of anything. She still can be found reading her Bible, praying for her family and loving on them each opportunity she gets.

Happy Father’s Day, Mom! You are the best!

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8

Go Out Into All The World and Share The Gospel (and next door) – Part 2

I know you have been hanging on by your fingernails waiting for my Part 2 on this topic! Oh, you haven’t? Well, here is the link to the first part to catch you up. Go Into All the World – Part 1. Have I mentioned I’m an excellent procrastinator? I can give lessons if you like. I also get sidetracked and think of so many other things to share. But, the good news is….I’m on it today. It’s important you read Part 1 to understand what I’m talking about.

A few years ago as I was opening all the shutters (we have plantation shutters on all of our windows) to welcome in the morning sun and I noticed an ambulance right next door. I got to looking and trying to figure out what was going on. (Gladys Cravatz, from the old show Bewitched) The police were there for a very long time. I thought, “oh, my, this looks serious, I wonder what happened! Should I go and see if I can help in any way?”

The house next door had sold to a couple with a daughter it seemed. I had such good intentions to go over and meet them and get to know them. We would see them walk their dog and I would try to talk to them, but, they never really stopped or seemed interested in visiting. They did seem nice though. We live in a day and time where people don’t like to stop and chat. Even when you see someone in a store that you know and you speak they will speak and keep on going? No time for chit chat. Anyway, back to my story. Needless to say, I did not know this family’s name or anything. Fortunately, I was dressed for the day and it was early morning! Score! I walked over and knocked on the door, the lady of the house came to the door and I told her who I was and that I saw the ambulance and wanted to check to see if there was anything I could do, etc. She then told me……that….her husband had just passed away in the night, in his sleep. My heart sank. I had no idea what to say. I told her I was so sorry and that my husband and I are here whatever she needed. She very graciously thanked me. I walked back to my house feeling horrible! This lady seemed to be alone as her daughter was in college and I didn’t see anyone but the police with her. I felt like a total failure to have never gone over and gotten to know her before now. My heart hurt deeply for her. I worried she didn’t have anyone. I did ask if she had a church and she said no. Oh, yes, I felt even worse!!! I kept an eye on the house and a watch out for her and her daughter. I went over the next day to check on her. She was kind and came out and visited. She was from the north and had plans to move back. She also had a church home there. I was able to pray with her. She and her daughter moved within a couple of weeks. My heart is still heavy over that experience. I was heavily convicted of not knowing my neighbor right next door and a man actually died there and I had no idea who he was. I’m sorry, but, there is no excuse for that!

I put a plan in action. I typed up a letter to my neighbors. Our street is only a couple blocks long. It curves around and we probably have maybe 20 houses. In my letter it basically explained who Jim and I were and a little about us. I also shared that I would like to form a neighborhood contact list for emergencies, etc. I put all of our contact info on it and a form for them to fill out or email me with their info. Then I went to the bakery and bought 20 lemon baby bundt cakes and had each one wrapped oh, so cute! Then one early evening Jim and I went to every door to deliver the cakes and letter. What fun we had meeting each neighbor that answered the door. We have a street with some amazing people and very friendly. We have a neighborhood where everyones garages are in the back….so needless to say, we rarely see anyone unless you are out walking. Rarely do you see kids out playing in the front.

The response was pretty good, I had enough neighbor info to send out to those that were interested in keeping up with one another. The plans are to have a neighborhood get together and even some ladies lunches. Which we had one ladies luncheon so far. There were several homes that didn’t answer the door or respond to the note I left on the door. Which is okay, that’s just the way it is. I was excited as I felt better about meeting our neighbors and getting to know some pretty amazing people. Not to mention the safety of knowing what is going on in our neighborhood and being able to keep up with everyone if needed.

The only negative thing was through the grapevine I heard one lady was upset that we had come by and wanted to get to know her and her family. She even made fun of the lemon bundt cake. Who knew? The funny thing about that was they were the most friendly of all. Maybe now that I think of it, her husband was extremely friendly. She may have just endured. The sad thing is, her husband passed a bit after all of that. Now that I’m writing this, that’s two husbands that have passed that I know of on our short little street. Interesting….

Shortly after this neighbor reach out plan, life got really busy and then the C-O-V hit the world. So guess what I need to do? Yep, I need to get back to my neighborhood project and get some things planned for our neighbors. We even have several new neighbors that we need to meet that have moved in over the past couple of years. And yes, I will do my lemon bundt cakes again even if some think it’s cheesy. I just think they are the cutest things and oh, so good!

I encourage you to get to know your neighbors and if you have certain way of doing that, I would love to hear about it. Do you have get togethers with your neighbors?

The mission field is right outside our door, plus you just might meet a really good friend!

Until next time!

Books, Books and More Books!

I love books! What can I say? When I was in elementary school, I loved library day. I will share this. In early elementary my family moved often. I was in 2-3 schools each year until 4th grade. I had many gaps in so many areas as I would miss certain ways of doing things when I would get to a new school. Since I was extremely shy I was easily overlooked by teachers. I also didn’t ask questions as I didn’t want to bring any attention to myself. So, the library was always so fun for me, but, I didn’t have a clue how to look up certain books etc. I would just glean the shelves and choose my books. I would always check out as many as was aloud. I loved when it was time for the Weekly Reader to come out. SRA’s were always fun. I loved going up and picking the next story to read. Oh, and when it was time to order your very own books was very exciting. (I’m dating myself, aren’t I) The only problem was there was never any money in the budget at home for anything like ordering books. One very rare time was in third grade. I bought a book about Abraham Lincoln. I loved that book! For years the library was always exciting for me to go to. When I was about 16 I discovered a Christian book store one day. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Well, not really, but, it was so exciting. I had no idea there were Christian book stores. I was then a regular customer. I think the name of the store was, Sonshine Corner. When My Jim and I were serving in full-time ministry, we both loved books. Our budget was always very tight and books would be the last thing we would purchase. I love it when I hear about churches that give their pastors a book budget in order to buy books that would only help their teaching, etc. I especially love it when I hear they do the same for the pastor’s wife. Unfortunately, we never had that luxury. All that to say, I must be making up for lost time as books are my weakness! I have enough books now that should last me til the end of time.

I heard someone say when I was a teen that we should always be starting a book, in the middle of a book or ending a book. I’ve always tried to keep up with that idea. I’ll be sharing some books over time that I have finished that I think would be an encouragement to you.

This past week I finished two books that I think you would love:

Pink Satin Sashes, My Life in Sketches, Swatches and Paper Dolls by Debra Mack Larson

I saw this book advertise in my favorite magazine, Southern Lady. The word” paper dolls” caught my eye. I was a huge paper doll collector when I was little. I still love them today. Yes, I’ve even purchased some as an adult that I just couldn’t resist as they looked so cute! But, back to the book…what a sweet, inspiring and fun book this is.

Debra Mack Larson grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. Her mother made all of her clothes from toddler to teen and even her wedding dress. She was an excellent seamstress as you can imagine. As she described her childhood it reminded me of the shows like Father Knows Best and The Donna Reed Show. After her mother passed, Debra discovered that her mother had kept journals of all the clothing that she had made for her throughout her childhood. She had sketches of the outfit with a sample of the fabric and if that wasn’t enough, she made a paper doll out of most of the designs. As someone who loves the 50’s and 60’s fashion styles and even the fabric and then throw in the love of paper dolls, I can’t even imagine what a special find this would have been. The book is filled with photos of her journal drawings and fabrics.

My favorite story she shared was after her father had passed, Debra made a shadow box of his WW2 memorabilia. When she shared it with her aging mother, her mom loved it and then said, “I wish I would have done something wonderful with my life to have it in a shadow box.” Yes, that made me tear up when I read that. I have a feeling if her mom could see this beautiful book that shows her talent and most of all her care and love that she had for her home and family, she would be very happy. What a beautiful tribute this book is for Debra’s beautiful mom.

I love this book and if you think you would want your own copy, go to www.larsondesign.net to order.

This book made me think of the Proverbs 31 Woman. Proverbs 31:10-31. There isn’t a shadow box to hold all that this precious lady did with her life in making a safe, secure and loving home for her husband and daughter. I just love it!

Rocking It Grand, 18 Ways To Be A Game-Changing Grandma by Chrys Howard and Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

I have a couple other books on the issue of being a grandmother who makes a difference in their grandchildren’s life. While raising my kids, my constant prayer was, “Lord, help me to be the mom that each of my kids need.” I knew my two children were different from each other and had different needs, so I worked hard at knowing my kids to the core and then being the mom that they each needed. We can talk about that on another post, because now we are talking about being a grandmother. My name is Mimi and I have 6 amazing grandchildren and another one on the way this coming fall. How exciting is that! So, now my prayer is still not only to be a mom that my kids need even as adults, but, to be the Mimi each one of my grands need. They are all different and unique in each way just as their parents are.

This book was an easy read and three main things popped out at me that were an affirmation of things that I’ve been thinking on and have witnessed myself with other grandmothers that I glean from or have been watching. Just as we were never moms before our kids were born, we’ve never been Mimi’s before either. Always learning new things never gets old. We should always be learning, regardless how old we get.

Chapter 3 – They Don’t Want to Entertain Us

This was such a good chapter, I wish I could type the entire thing out, but, you may need to get the book. I’ll highlight it. This is a concept that I have noticed lately in watching some other grandmas in action. I’ll try to sum it up in my words….We need to have a life that is full. A fulfilling life. If you don’t, then maybe you need to figure it out. Find those things that you love doing. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you forget about yourself. Enjoy life. Let your kids and grandkids see that you have a full exciting life. Your grandkids are a special part of that. If all you do is live and breath your grandchildren and have nothing to offer them from your life, then something is missing and it becomes a hardship on your grandkids and kids for that matter. They are living full exciting lives and if they have this constant pressure to make sure you are not just sitting idly by waiting for someone to make you feel fulfilled, then it can put pressure on the relationship. Life should be full and living a fulfilled life all together, not just one sided. I so hope that makes sense. You might need to read the book to get the full picture!

Chapter 7 – Little Ones Understand More Than We Think

So much is going on in our world that is a bit scary. Our grandkids will have questions and want to talk about things. When we talk to them, we should always offer hope as well. Let them know they were created for such a time as this and we all have a purpose and life isn’t all doom and gloom, but we are to have wisdom and discernment and we as adults can share our wisdom with them and teach them how to not be fearful. If we are fearful, our kids will be. We need to always offer hope and let them know who is really in charge. We can also teach them how to make a difference either now or in the future. *I’m going to share my own thought here. I’ve heard so many people say their kids are missionaries and they are expected to stand strong against the world even as little ones. Well, I don’t exactly go along with that….we train, teach and encourage our kids and to expect them to face the culture as it is today and stand strong when most adults can’t, is beyond me. We as adults need to have wisdom and discernment of how much to allow our children to partake of as far as the culture. To say children are invincible and resilient is like saying we are…..and I don’t think we are. Even as adults, we are learning and growing each and every day. Our job is to help our kids grow and learn each and every day, too.

Chapter 17 – Living in the Present Is a Gift

This chapter covers several things, but one main thing was respecting your grandchildren’s boundaries. Also, we are to encourage their boundaries. Some kids don’t like to be hugged that much. We shouldn’t force a hug on anyone at anytime. One of the authors told about a granddaughter that didn’t like to be hugged and when she realized this, she respected that and didn’t force her to hug. In time as the girl grew out of a stage, she went to her grandmother and always had a hug for her. It was then on her terms and she was more comfortable with that. Kids go through seasons and they are dealing with all types of emotions We are to be the grandmother that is wise and senses things and respects their space.

Those are just a few highlights from a book that is filled with lot’s of wisdom. They also share grandma cookie recipes throughout the book which is fun! If you can’t find this book at your local Christian Book Store, there is always Amazon *this is an affiliate link….it helps with my book issue.

Until next time….Happy Reading!

I captured this of one of our grands at a bookstore one day.

Welcome Spring 2022

Spring is here! Today it was actually 100 degrees! It may be safe to say that summer is here. The part of Texas that I live in can be freezing weather one day and then hot the next. I’ve always wanted to live in an area that has actual seasons and slowly transitions into warmer or cooler weather. No sense in wishing….I need to be satisfied and learn how to adapt. You would think I’d be used to it by now after living in this part of Texas since I was 9 years old. All that to say; Happy Spring! The flowers are blooming and the grass is getting green and the air conditioner is running…..I’m a happy girl!

When I clean house each week, (yes, I’m one of the few that likes to clean her own house), I like to smile while cleaning. I’ve tried having someone come in to help me out in cleaning, but, I would just rather do it myself. I think of it as exercise and I like moving things around and making a few changes in decor. Sometimes simple little things like a cute succulent plant placed in the laundry room make me smile. I think the only thing that would make me smile a bit more is maybe a brighter little pot for them, but, it will do as it is for now. Maybe they will outgrow this pot….if they live!

I was given this rose today at lunch and as I got to studying it, I noticed it looked like a heart. I clipped the stem and put it in a little bud vase by my kitchen sink. Now that makes me smile!

On Easter I made a few arrangements with some Peeps that I had collected and some jelly beans. I love the look of Peeps and I even like the way they taste…very sweet. Making arrangements with them is even more fun. I made a few for some friends and family.

I’ve loved decorating “Beverly’s Tea Room” since my Jim finished building it for me. It’s a fun place to entertain friends and family and even just to go out and listen to some peaceful music and just look at the beauty outside the windows…..if we aren’t having a dirt storm. Remember, I’m in west Texas! Each time I pass the window and look out in the tea room, I smile. I’ve enjoyed decorating it. The Easter decor made me smile and now that the Easter decor is put away, I just set out a tea set.

I love Precious Moments! I have for many years and I have collected a few. When I saw this figurine, I had to have it. Yes, I smile every time I look at it. It’s called, “Mom, you are Tea-riffic.” Yes, I gave it to myself, what can I say?

Keeping up with fashion is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve noticed a trend on social media to always show what you wear each day or model an outfit, etc. As much as I love fashion and I love helping others with their color code and styles, I really don’t see how anyone has time to always take pictures of all their outfits each day and on top of that to look good enough to put yourself out there for everyone to see each day. As much as I love seeing others and seeing their daily style choices, I’ve decided that is just not for me. This photo will prove what I’m talking about. I had snapped this for someone who wanted to see what I looked like as I was heading to the dentist one morning. I was fearful to go and she was trying to encourage me to snap out of it and she said to get dressed and get out the door. Well, I did and this is it….it does make me smile in thinking of what a dear friend I have to help me snap out of my dentist fears! *I did shed a tear or two on the way, but, I made it! All was well and I have the best dentist ever. She is amazing. They said, “see you in July!” I said, “so soon?” I’ll share my dentist story soon….it’s a doozy….as everything else in my life is. Okay, back to things that make me smile….

We have a desert landscape in our front and back yard. This time of year the yuccas are blooming and are oh, so pretty….I waited a bit too long to take a photo as the blooms are about to drop off. This plant actually has a dove in the center that has built a nest and has little ones that she is protecting. Smart bird. A cat would be crazy to climb in that thing to get to the little ones. We have an adopted neighborhood cat named Cheddar that I think has his eye on that nest! Cheddar is a whole other story I will share soon. No, I’m not a cat person….so why is there always a cat around everywhere I go.

I love decorating my front doors each season. Since I have double doors, I do two matching wreaths. It could get expensive, so I go as cheap as I can as they will be full of dirt by the end of a couple of months. I found these wreaths at Sam’s for I think 39.99 each. I added the ribbon and I was happy with them. They make me smile… the price made me smile even more!

I love tulips. They make me smile! Since they make me smile, I thought, why not get my mom some for Mother’s Day! I think they made her smile, too!

Okay, I will wrap this up. I could go on and on about the things that make me smile. I will end with the latest addition to our grandkiddo line up. We now have 6 blessings and another blessing on the way this fall. She makes me smile big time and I have a feeling you will be smiling when you see this…..are you ready?

Until next time….keep smiling!

‚ÄúThe¬†Lord¬†bless you and keep you; the¬†Lord¬†make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the¬†Lord¬†lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.‚ÄĚ Numbers 6:24-26

Fashion Friday – Spring 2022 Closet Outfit Planner

Good news! The Spring 2022 Closet Outfit Planner is ready! Click here to read more about it. I have been getting one for each season and it’s always so helpful in putting outfits together for the new season. There are even links if you see something you would like to purchase, such as that perfect top that would go with the jacket you’ve struggled with finding. If you are like me, you have many items and you can use this as a guide to put your outfits together for something fresh and new.

With this planner you will receive a bonus guide on body shapes. You will be able to determine what your body shape is and from there you will find out a way to dress that will help conceal areas that need concealing. It’s called the bOd-X Shape System that Shari Braendel created many years ago that has been a huge success in dressing for the various body shapes. No longer trying to figure out if you are an apple or pear, this system is easy and practical.

If you decide you want to purchase the planner at $37.00, you will be asked which color code you need. Do you know your Color Code? There are five color codes and you are one of them; Soft, Warm, Clear, Light or Deep. You can take a quick little quiz to find out. You can click here for a free quiz to find out your Color Code. When you choose the planner for your Color Code, you will see all the new colors that are out for this season that will look perfect on you.

I have my planner and I’m working on my Spring Closet now. It will be a fun challenge to put some outfits together that I probably wouldn’t have thought of before. I’m a Soft Color Code and I love the colors for this season. When I am finished doing my closet inventory and setting up for Spring, I will share my closet completion.

By the way; what do you think of Pantone’s Color of the Year? Very Peri is a gorgeous purple and all Color Codes can wear various shades of this beautiful color.

Have a Fabulous Fashion Friday!