The Life Of A Shy Girl Who Graduated 45 Years Ago!

Yes, the invitation came for our 45th High School Reunion!. It seems like just yesterday I wrote about the 40th. That was a fast 5 years! So, I decided to just share the link to what I wrote on my school memories. I went back to the post and updated by correcting a couple of typos. Those sneaky typos! Oh, and I added one more story from my jr. high memories. I didn’t share a certain story before as it was a bit embarrassing and I didn’t know how to share it. But, I managed this time.

I know everyone has crazy stories from their school days. I only share mine as to help someone see that kids go through so much more than we think they do and how we as adults treat them is so important. Of course, I’m partial to shy kids. You just can’t explain it clear enough of just how painful being shy is. But, I will say this, as hard as it was, I am thankful for my shyness. I honestly believe that my shyness more than likely, kept me safe. I will eventually share more in that area soon. I was an “at-risk” kiddo and I’m so very thankful for making it through without too many scars. Of course, I have stories to tell on how my shyness prevented me from things I’d probably regret today.

Here is the link to my synopsis of 12 years of school as a shy girl!

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