Mistaken Text….or was it?

This morning I checked my phone to see if I had any calls or texts. One of my texts was from a number that didn’t look familiar. It basically said, “Hey, how are you? I’m blah blah and we traded numbers at blah blah’s cocktail party, you want to get together?” (They really used a name, I’m just saying blah blah because I can’t remember the name they used.) Anyway, I started to delete it and block the number, but, I thought, well, she probably needs to know she has the wrong number. So, I simply wrote, “wrong number.” She quickly wrote back something like, “I can’t believe he gave me the wrong number, I’ve never had that happen before, I feel like a ****.” Then I thought, “hmmm….maybe this person needs to hear something about Christ.” This is the time my husband will say, “Why, you know you should always just delete a wrong number.” Anyway….She then sent a picture of her face. She looked like she was about 20 if that. I proceeded to tell her that she needed to trust Jesus as He will never let her down or deceive her. What have I got to lose, I’m 62. I’m a mom and a mimi! I sent her a scripture. Then she wrote back as if she didn’t read anything and said, “can you talk, etc.” The way “she” wrote this, I could tell, this wasn’t an accident. So, I then gave this person the plan of salvation and another scripture and blocked the number and deleted it.

A couple of lessons learned.

#1. There are people out there randomly sending what looks to be innocent texts to whomever, hoping they get a vulnerable person that will be pulled in to only the Lord knows what!

#2. When you read about a child or teen who is caught up in horrible positions, it could have begun with something like this text. Or even a grown adult who has no scruples as to know what is going on. That is what they hope for; that someone on the other end will take the bait. Many are hooked and caught in a horrible net of sin and deception.

#3. When you get a text or call like that, block it immediately. Don’t think you are going to win them….you are dealing with satan himself! He is out to destroy you and will stop at nothing!

I felt strongly that I needed to share this with you as January happens to be “Human Trafficking Awareness Month.”

The angle that I feel strongly about is in protecting your children. Just about every child/teen has a phone these days. If we only knew the snares that our kids can get into just with a simple phone that we think is there to keep them safe. Which it will, but, what discernment they must have in how to control the phone. Many parents just hand the phone to their children without any warnings or rules. Remember most kids can’t even make their own beds or brush their teeth without being told to, yet we give them a phone and expect them to have wisdom.

Many years ago, I led a group in our city that worked on fighting the por*nography problem in our area. It was bad and I will share soon what all we accomplished and what I learned. But, the reason I tell you that is one of the first things that I learned was when it came to allowing your children to go online, we have no idea what all is available at the touch of a keyboard. What I would tell parents is to imagine dropping your child off alone at Central Park in New York City at the entrance and tell them you will pick them up in a couple of hours. Really, any park these days. Would you? I didn’t think so! That is how it is when you let your child sit down at the computer. Anything and everything is lurking to wait to lure your child to them. Now days, it’s the phone. We hand a phone to our child/teen and anything and everything is waiting for just the right moment.

The text that I got this morning, wasn’t my first. For about two years I was on someones list that sent group texts with links to only the Lord would know. I have a feeling the way they got my number was from a valet service I used at a hotel in Fort Worth because, the texts began the day I left the hotel. (a very nice hotel, by the way.) Each time I would get one, I would block every number. Then more would come a few days later. I did call the police and they said that nothing could really be done as it was probably coming from over seas. So, I kept blocking the numbers for almost two years. They finally stopped. Maybe they ran out of numbers.

I can’t even imagine what someone would get into if they clicked on the links or answered a call. We really do need to take it very seriously what is going on in our world and how the enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy us and our children!

It’s so easy to get caught up in our happy, fulfilled lives that we think that nothing bad will happen or come near our home. I honestly feel that we shouldn’t be scared, but we should be aware. Don’t bury your head in the sand and think, “aww, that won’t happen here.” As a parent, we are the one that is responsible for our children’s safety. Not the schools, not the government, not the neighbor, etc. It’s you! So, what have you done to make sure your child is protected with the device that is in their hands that can go around the world and back? What about you? Are you on your toes and aware of how you can be affected as well?

One time I got a wrong number on my phone. He asked for so and so, I said “You have the wrong number.” I hung up immediately. He called back and I thought, “my goodness, did he dial the wrong number again?” He didn’t have nice things to say and I hung up as fast as I could! We can be caught off guard so easily. We need to always be asking the Lord for wisdom and discernment in this area!

I so hope this helps someone and prevents something really awful happening to an innocent child, teen or adult! May we always be aware and remember the world is not as safe as we wish it were. We are to be a light in a dark world; use much wisdom in every way possible!

Since it is “Human Trafficking Awareness Month,” I hope you will become aware of the problem, pray about it and always be alert. The area that I live in has been labeled as being rampant with this issue. I do my best to always be alert and aware of what is going on in my community and I keep my eyes open for anything that looks suspicious. I’m also making it more of a habit to not answer numbers that I don’t know and delete text the second they come in that are obviously not right.

I am sharing an article that I wrote describing a couple of instances I went through as a child and a teen. This was in the 70’s, so I can only imagine how much worse it would be today. I will always remember those times and I thank the Lord constantly for protecting me and giving me wisdom even as a young girl. I’m also including an article I wrote on what to do when hear an Amber Alert.

Too Close for Comfort!

Amber Alert…what can I do?

Mistaken Text….or was it?

Remember, don’t be fearful…be strong, discerning and wise!

Until next time,


  1. Thanks for sharing this! It’s always such a good reminder. My husband works for the sheriff’s department here in our county and he has taken classes on this kind of thing and warned us of all the dangers that lurk out there, even in our little Hallmark-like small town. I’ll never forget one time when my boys were young, we were at a water park here in town, then we left and drove over to the playground area before coming home. I actually sat next to a man who was there with his kids…or so I thought. It started getting darker and everyone started leaving except for me and the boys, this older man I’d sat next to, and another family of five. I started wondering why that man was there with no kids, and then it dawned on me.

    I gathered our things, called the boys, said bye to the family of five whose parents I’d been talking to (and alerted them what I thought this man was doing there) and we got into my car, started it and I locked the doors. I made the boys look at the man and tell me why they thought he was there and they couldn’t figure it out, so I told them that there are very bad people in the world who want to do unspeakable things to or with children their age. I don’t think any of us ever forgot that night and I also called the non-emergency police number and reported him. I firmly believe he was there and up to evil, innocent as he looked. The world is a scary place!

    I was thankful my husband had shared what he’d learned with me in those classes on sex trafficking that he’d taken. This is probably the same reason why I never took them to a mall, because the only malls we have here in our city are right by interstates, so you can imagine how terrible the crimes are that take place there. I’ve heard horror stories! It’s good to be aware, even in broad daylight. I always pay attention to where I park and I always walk out to my car ready to jump in and lock the doors and with my phone in hand, in case I need to dial 911. I could talk about these kinds of scenarios all day, obviously. 😉

    1. Jennifer, thank you for sharing that story! When you know, you know! It’s good you were able to teach your boys a serious lesson that they will never forget. The stories I hear in our area too, are unfathomable. Tell you husband, thank you for his service!

  2. Strange that you would write about this today. Today, I’ve received two texts from the same people which I do not know. I looked the numbers up on google! What you have said is so true. Also I read your blog about dirty words. It just infuriates me to hear how some people speak. I guess it hurts my “virgin” ears at 76 years old.

    1. Hi Margaret.I’m glad you read the dirty words post. It’s pretty crazy how the language these days is so over the top. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Watch out for those crazy unknown texts! 😉

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