Christmas In Beverly’s Tea Room

I love decorating my Tea Room for Christmas. Since I decorate in pink/black at this time, it’s so much fun using pink Christmas decor that I haven’t been able to really use in other rooms of the house as it would clash too much. Fortunately, I had plenty of pink items. I will share the tree from the past two years that was a teal color. It was fun to use and then this past year I used a smaller pink tree. I found the tree was too small. I think the box was wrong as it said it was a 6 ft. tree, but, it was more like a 4 ft. I have a really hard time decorating small trees, so I said goodbye to it after Christmas.

Tea Time at Christmas is one of my favorites. My favorite so far was a Peppermint Tea that I did a year ago. I’ll stop talking and just let the pictures talk. Trusting you had a very special Christmas this past year! Enjoy!

I’m still learning all things “tea time.” This past holiday season we weren’t home much, so I just did my best and didn’t think about it. I do have some plans for next Christmas, though. I may be starting extra early….we will see. Who knows what will be going on then, but that is my goal. I can’t wait to share with you a fun trip I took to Birmingham, Alabama with Tea Time Magazine last November! I’ll be posting about that very soon!

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  1. My goodness, I would love to sit at the table in your tea room. It is just gorgeous and I have no doubt you are the “hostess with the mostess.” Have a great 2024!

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