The Beauty of Scottsdale, Arizona

If you kept up with my last two posts covering our Arizona and California journey, you will know that we just left our kids in California and are heading back to Texas. We decided to stop in Scottsdale for a night and once we checked into the JW Marriott Camelback, we thought that we might need to stay a couple of days instead of one. Everything was so beautiful and I made up on pictures from our stay in California where I didn’t get many scenery photos. I have so many flower, cacti and palm tree pictures, I can’t share them all. Trust me, I went overboard. People probably thought “that poor lady, she must have never seen flowers and cacti before.” The landscape of the resort is just so beautiful from the water fountains to the birds of all kinds flying around. We were walking to dinner and I said, “someone dropped their orange!” I looked up and it was an orange tree! Then I saw a lemon tree. I was so excited. You’d think I didn’t get out much!

Our room was very nice. We had an upstairs room that had a beautiful view from the balcony and then a side door that led out to the roof of the building and it had outdoor furniture. We could have had a huge party out there. It was gorgeous at night overlooking the resort and the Camelback Mountain in the background.

We had dinner at their steak house, The Lincoln and of course it was delicious and the staff were very friendly and fun. We also tried the dining outdoors and in the evenings they have live music. I loved the entrance to the resort. It was a bit warm, but in the evenings it was almost chilly.

I almost forgot to tell you. The shopping is great in Scottsdale. A large mall and a fun area with all sorts of boutiques and gift shops. I needed more than two days in Scottsdale. Of course, golfing is amazing there. I’m not a golfer, but, I’m a pretty good golf cart driver.

I hope you have enjoyed traveling with me these last three posts. While I was writing this I remembered a few trips that I haven’t shared with you. We did visit the Grand Canyon last October and Seaside in January as well as….you guessed it….Branson! I might just do a quick recap with a couple of photos and highlights soon.

We are heading back to Texas just in time for the heat wave. I think 111 is the hottest it’s been so far here in our part of Texas….home sweet home!

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  1. Great trip, beautiful flowers 🌸!! Thank you for sharing your awesome adventures with us!

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