Homeschool Resources and The Winners of the Giveaway!

Thank you for sticking with me as I shared a few posts on the subject of homeschooling.  I love homeschool moms and their families and I always love sharing my thoughts and ideas on this subject.


Today, I will share just a few homeschool resources that I think would be an encouragement to you as a mom.  There are so many resources and sites available for the homeschooling family.  I’m sure you will find exactly what you need.  I’m just sharing a tiny bit to get you started.

Also, at the end of this post you will find the names of the two winners of the amazing giveaway!

If you live in Texas, you will want to be connected with The Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC) and receive their free monthly magazine, Review.  Be sure to spend time researching their site and see what all they have to offer and the resources they are sharing.  If you don’t live in Texas, your state may have something similar.

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a good idea to be a member of. will keep you updated on the laws and what is going on in our country as far as homeschooling.

I had mentioned before that I love the idea of attending homeschool book fairs.  In Texas, we have a couple that always have some great workshops and vendors:

Great Homeschool Convention

Texas Homeschool Convention

Teach Them Diligently

As far as curriculum, I could go on forever.  I would go to Christian Book Distributors and browse what all they have to offer.  I love research curriculum.  I bet you do, too!

Also, Mardel Christian Book Store is always fun to browse in the homeschool section.

Liberty University Online Academy

Aiming Higher Consultants is an organization that will assist you in all of your needs in preparing your student for graduation and getting into college.  This site is full of great information. has a homeschool library that you can access.  I love Pure Flix and I would encourage you to check it out.  We subscribe to Pure Flix for the movies and I recently learned of their homeschooling resources.  Looks wonderful!

The Well Planned Gal site if full of great resources and encouragement.  She has calendars, journals and curriculum resources s well as a magazine that you will always look forward to.

That should get you started as each site will have tons of recommendations.  I would sit down when you have time with a cup of hot cocoa and browse, take notes and then make your choices.  I would be anxious to hear what you find and what your favorites are.

I will soon have a permanent link on my sidebar that you can access homeschool resources and helps.

Enjoy your homeschool journey and always know that I have your back!  You can do this and you will do it well.  Blessings on you and your home!

Now for the winner of the Calendar Prayer Journal!  You will love it!  Amy B!

And the winner of the subscription to Family Magazine.  What a source of encouragement that will come to your mailbox for a year!   Courtney W!

I’m so excited for both of you and I know you will love your free gift from The Well Planned Gal.

Happy Schooling!

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