Help! My Grandchildren Are Being Homeschooled!

Thank you for joining me as I talk homeschooling for a short while.  You may not even homeschool, but, it’s possible you know of someone that does.  I hope these last few posts will only help you to understand how it works and what a mom and dad have dedicated their season of child raising to.

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You will want to make both of these resources part of your homeschool world.  If you win and you are an encourager to a homeschool family, they will be so excited that you would give them such a great gift.  (You may be like me and just want it for yourself.)

Today, I want to talk for a few minutes on being the grandmother of homeschoolers.  How can we as grandmothers encourage our children as they homeschool?  Here is my list of ways to be a source of encouragement and acceptance of our homeschooled grandchildren.  (This can also go for  other family members and friends)

-Be vocal about your excitement in their decision to homeschool.  If you have reservations, feel free to ask questions without judgement.  You want to learn more.  More than likely the mom who is homeschooling has done her research and has prayed for a long time about this adventure and she doesn’t need judgement, she needs faith from you that she knows what she is doing.

-Be excited for the children.  Tell them how excited you are for their school year and that you will be praying for them.

-Send a bouquet of flowers on the first day of school to mom with a note wishing her a great year.

-Throughout the school year, send simple notes in the mail to the children telling them you are so proud of them and praying for them.

-On National Teacher Appreciation Day, do something special for the special homeschool moms in your life.  Recognize them in a special way. (May 8, 2018)

-Be interested in the special projects that the kids are doing.  You will find they always have special art projects they are working on.  Listen as they tell you all about it.  Encourage them to share with you what they are leaning.

-Sit down and let the kids read to you.  Reading out loud is important and what fun it is to have your grandchildren read aloud to you.  Ask them questions about what they are reading.  Be interested in what they are interested in.

-Build the homeschool family up to others.  Don’t ever pass judgement and speak in a negative way to others.

-Make the education of your grandchildren part of your daily prayer life.  Pray that they will always walk in God’s perfect will and accomplish the things that God has set for their life.

I hope that this little list gets you started in thinking of some ways to encourage the homeschool mom and family this school year.

What are some ways that you have shown your support to a homeschool mom and her kiddos?  Please share in the comments below.

I wanted to share two special ladies that I know that are grandmothers to homeschool children:

My mom was a huge supporter of my family as we homeschooled.  She was always interested in what the kids were learning and wanted to see first hand.  Many times she would sit on the couch as one of the kids read to her or showed her their latest project.  She would take them out to lunch and just be with them and let them talk, talk and talk.  I always knew my mom was praying for me and my children.

Another grandmother that is an amazing lady is my friend, Carol.  She not only homeschooled her four children with flying colors, but she is now homeschooling her two grandsons.  They began in kindergarten and now they are now in their final two years of high school.  Carol’s daughter is bedridden most days.  They have worked it out to where Carol is the homeschool teacher to her grandsons.  Isn’t that amazing?!  If you met my friend, Carol, you would never know all that she does.  She is a godly woman who quietly goes about her business and never complains about all that she is responsible for.  She is grateful that she gets to do it.  This is a lady that deserves a medal for sure!  I have a feeling she is going to have some extra shiny jewels in her crown someday!

Have you thought any about the homeschool dad?  We will talk about him next.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below.  Share your ideas of how to encourage a homeschool mom and her children.  Or just say, “I would love to win your amazing giveaway!”

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    1. Amy, If you do win, I know you will love the planner and the magazine. Will be such an encouragement to you as you homeschool. You are doing such an amazing job. I enjoy seeing your posts on FB.

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