Do You Know What Is Going On In Your Country?

A Home For Two

We are talking about making a home in the empty nest years and also trusting that even if you aren’t in the empty nest years that you may get some insight into some things to prepare for and to even implement into your life today.  One of those things on the list should be loving and knowing your country.  For me, that is the United States of America.   Did you sleep through history class when you were young and missed out on some key points?  Well, I must have, because I have made it a habit to read about things that I’m curious about in the founding of our country.  I have been amazed at the things I have learned.  I’m also amazed at the things I learned that weren’t even covered in the text books that were used.


Just because we are older doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay on top of learning about our history.  It’s important to make historic visits to sites when traveling.  A good place to start is right where you live.  Learn about the things that began right in your area and branch out from there.

Staying on top of social issues is important to.  When it comes time to vote for candidates, we need to know who aligns with our beliefs in how our country should go.  It’s also a good thing to note that we are in the middle of electing our next president here in America.  We are living in some interesting times.  Our country is going through some strange times. So many belief systems going on and it doesn’t sound like anyone is listening to anyone or more than that, they don’t care what anyone has to say about anything.  We have two choices of candidates that I have to shake my head as I think, “how did this happen?”  For me, I have to look past the candidate and stand on principle and know the platform that I agree the most with.  It’s so important to know the different parties platforms.  Remember when we talked about knowing what you believe, well, this is where you will see some of your beliefs in a statement of what the political platform stands for.  You may even want to get involved in your local party to make sure that those standards are kept.  We hear so many people complain about our country and the things that divide us, but yet, don’t really get involved in helping to promote and preserve the guidelines that build a political party platform.  Writing letters to your Congressman, making calls to your Senators, signing petitions, donating money, the list goes on and on in ways to help make our country even greater.  Voting is an honor, a privilege and a duty as a citizen of our country.  Do your homework and go to the polls, even in the smaller elections.  Your vote, is your voice being heard.

My thinking is that we as a people are so afraid of tradition and so afraid of offending others that we are losing site of what made our country great.  We have talk show leaders that keep things stirred up and 24 hour news that we live by that we stay upset and we forget how to just love our country and know what men and women have gone through to keep us safe and free.  We are letting others come in and tell us what we should believe and shouldn’t believe.  It seems something is always stirring.

News Flash!!!  This has been going on for a very very long time!  Well, since the beginning of time.  Why?  Because man is a natural born sinner.  God created us to where we can make our own choices.  I happen to believe that when we decide to put our faith and trust in a living God, our lives change and we want to think right, live right and do right.  How can we do that?  By reading God’s Word and knowing how He designed us to live.  When we have Christ living in our hearts, we know right from wrong, we know deep down how we are to live.

So all that to say, there are two voices in the world going.  Those that want to live a holy and acceptable life and those that don’t.  Those then clash and we have strife.  We have pretenders, deceivers and some that truly walk the path of righteousness.  This is why you need to know who you are, where you came from, the history of your country and what you believe.  Tie all that in to loving others and trying to encourage and inspire others with your life and words.

Teach your children and grandchildren the stories of your country.  Pass tradition on. Don’t be afraid of tradition just because the trend right now is to leave tradition behind.  Someday, people will be scrambling to learn tradition.  We truly want to know all the who, what, where and when of our country.

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    1. thank you for weaving in a salvation message in this blog; yes, put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ

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