What Are You Doing, Beverly?

Blog-tember Challenge #12

I’ve been doing the Blog Challenge with Brave Love Blog.  Each day we are given a writing prompt and we write a blog post and share on the Brave Love Blog.

Here is the question for today:

What are you up to currently?


I loved reading the answer to that question by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  She is the one that has issued this challenge.  I wanted to copy her outline and come up with fun answers to each one, but, I need more time than what I have, so I will just tell you exactly what I am doing now, at this moment.

It is 5 a.m.  My eyes popped open at 3 a.m.  I tossed and turned and told myself to just get up and get going.  My alarm was set for 6 a.m. to get ready to leave the house at 7:30 and drive 2 1/2 hours to watch my nephew play football.  He is sophomore and plays on the Varsity of his high school.  My mom has been visiting this past week at our “Hill-Country Home” and what fun it has been to have her here.  She loves watching her grandson play football!  This will be her last game for the season to be able to watch him since she will be having knee replacement surgery in a couple of weeks.  After the game, we will drive another 5 hours to get her back home.  Traveling makes me very sleepy even when I’ve slept good, so I know what is going to happen today while traveling.

That is what I’m currently up to!  I so wish, I had some fun things to list that is going on in my world right now, but I have to go dry my hair, decide what to wear, grab my things that I need to travel with and meet my husband and mom in the car at 7:30 a.m…….sharp! 😉

Have a blessed day!!!!!





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