The Guest House at Graceland

One day last year as I was driving and listening to Elvis Radio on Sirius XM Radio, I heard  about plans for a new hotel that would be built and the opening day would be in October of 2016. I did some research and thought what fun that would be to be able to tour Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley and stay at a brand new hotel. I kept my eye on the date that they would be taking reservations. In April of this year I called and made a reservation for the grand opening. I was excited about getting to tour Graceland, but I think I was just as excited about staying in a brand new hotel. When I called to confirm our reservation a couple of weeks before the arrival date, I found out it was “Elvis Fan Appreciation Weekend “ and several events were planned. Double excited!!!

The day came for us to make our 14-hour drive from West Texas. We decided to drive because we had plans to drive on up to Branson, Missouri when we left Memphis.

As we drove up to The Guest House at Graceland, I was amazed at the beauty of the hotel. It was much larger than I pictured and very grand looking. It was designed to resemble Graceland. As we got out of our car we could hear the music of Elvis playing over the speakers which carried  on into the lobby. The décor was gorgeous! All of the staff were very friendly and helpful.  As we made our way to our room on the 5th floor I was taken by the décor. I hope my pictures show just how beautiful it all was. After we got settled in our room, we went exploring around the hotel. I obviously looked like an excited tourist as I was taking pictures of everything from the carpet to the art work throughout the hotel. You won’t find pictures of Elvis at the hotel, but you will see really great pieces of art that feature certain pieces of his clothing he wore while performing.

If you are ever in Memphis, you will want to stay at The Guest House.  At least walk through it and see how beautiful it is. My dream is to stay in a suite someday.  The decor looks even more amazing and fun!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, which you must see it in person…so much better than my pictures!

One more thing….I have to say how sweet my husband was.  I oohed and awed at everything and had to investigate every area of the hotel and he was very patient with me.  Even when I squealed at the hot pink wallpaper and the glitter in the darker wall coverings and had to take pictures, he would just smile. I’m very grateful for that!


Each lobby on every floor of the hotel had a different picture similar to this one.
I loved the carpet and wall coverings. The walls had a little bit of sparkle. The hot pink wallpaper was so much fun!
Yes, I had to take a picture of the wallpaper.


The gold room number with the hot pink background and the lightening bolt symbol is such a fun touch!
Each door had a light fixture with the initials E. P. Isn’t that so much fun?!
The bed was very comfortable and oh so stylish! Don’t you love the art on the wall? Ignore my suitcase; I forgot to move it.
The desk area with television that you could watch various documentaries of Graceland and other things going on. It was playing Elvis music when we walked in, how perfect is that?
The bathroom was very nice. The huge walk-in shower had something called a rain shower?  Oh, and your shampoo, conditioner and lotion had  the Elvis signature on it.


This is the artwork that was in the bathroom.



Two dining choices; Delta’s, which is fine dining and E.P.’s, which is a grill. We tried both and the food was delicious at each one. We also watched an Elvis movie in the theater!



The fire pit with heart shaped fire ring.
The pool is very nice and also very big!
The business center caught my eye! I loved the artwork.
The Shake Rattle and Go is where you can get coffee, breakfast foods and snacks.
The hotel has a staircase and chandelier that resembles the one at Graceland. I pretended I was Priscilla walking down the stairs.  Not really, well… maybe I really did.
This is a collage of all the art pieces on each floor with the floor number.
This is one of the sofas in the lobby! I think I would like one for my house as well! I love it when I feel little!
I loved seeing the hotel at night with all the lights.

Click here to read more about The Guest House at Graceland and to make your reservations!  I have a feeling you need to plan and book your room early, they may stay pretty full most of the time.  Especially when they have the events on Elvis’ birthday and the anniversary of his death. Oh, and in November they have the tree lighting ceremony.  Maybe, someday I will get to visit during each of those events.

If you missed my post on the story of, My Elvis Crush, click here to read.

Tomorrow I will write my last post on this trip.  I will cover the Graceland Tour and the Sun Records Tour.  I want to share some thoughts about a couple of things that I couldn’t stop thinking about as we left Graceland.

Until then, let me know if you have been to Graceland before and if you plan to go back.  I would love to hear!



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