The Beauty of Sedona, Arizona

I took so many pictures of the scenery while on our Arizona/California Trip that I thought I should share them with you. Do you love flowers and landscapes like I do. They say that you should always have a person in the photo when taking pictures, but I can only do so many selfies and then I don’t enjoy having my picture taken. I hope you enjoy some of the beauty I tried to capture.

Our itinerary was as follows:

Drive from Texas to Sedona, Arizona and stay one night which we changed to 2 nights as it was so beautiful.

Drive from Sedona, Arizona to North Hollywood, California to spend 7 days.

Drive from North Hollywood, California to Scottsdale, Arizona and stay one night but changed to 2 nights.

Drive from Scottsdale, Arizona back to Texas just in time for the 105 plus temperatures.

Are you like me and when you are traveling somewhere it doesn’t seem like it takes very long to get there, but when you begin the trip home, it takes forever! The drive home was the longest ever; I thought we’d never get home. We finally made it and how good it was to get home in my own house in my own bed…nothing better!

The weather on our trip was perfect! California was in the 60’s and low 70’s. My favorite temp! Arizona wasn’t too bad. Made it to the 90’s by the time we got back to Scottsdale, AZ. When it’s in the 90’s up to the 100 plus….I like indoor areas.

As you know, I’m a picky traveler. I think I’m getting better the older I get….maybe. Jim surprised me with a beautiful place in Sedona, AZ. LauBerge De Sedona Our cottage was right across from the spa. It was called the Spa Cottage. Side note….it had a large bathroom with a walk in shower as well as a glass door that went outside and was an outdoor shower. That was a no for me, but, I’m sure there are many that would love that…but, me…nada! When I travel, I like to sight see, shop and try out new restaurants. I’m not a huge spa person, so that’s usually not on my list unless it’s an over the top amazing looking spa. I’m not a hiker unless it’s about 65 degrees and on beautiful grassy areas or a large shopping area. I know…I can’t help it. It’s just the way God made me, what can I say? Sedona is known for the beautiful red mountains and beautiful trees. The shopping is okay but still fun. We were there such a short time so we just enjoyed the dining areas at the hotel.

Oh, one other bit of info about me and my travel habits. I don’t travel somewhere to rest. I get plenty of rest at home, so when we go somewhere, I can hardly stand to just sit and rest in the room or elsewhere….I have to keep moving and see and do as much as possible. I know. I know…

I will do separate posts on each stop as I don’t want to go on and on with my photos. Plus, I have stuff to say of course. So, let’s explore Sedona….

The drive from Flagstaff to Sedona is breathtaking and a bit scary for this girl from the flat part of Texas! Hairpin curves aren’t my favorite, but, Jim is an excellent driver!

This was a pond at the resort. I love lily pads! The flowers were amazing.

I love avocado toast. This had a lot of lettuce going on, but was very good!

Dining was on the creek, so the view was so peaceful!

This was the most beautiful flower that I saw in Sedona! It’s called a Foxglove Dalmation Rose. It caught my eye because of the color and then it looked like leopard spots inside. Did I tell you that I love leopard?

Thanks for traveling with me to Sedona, AZ. Our next stop is California! We have an almost 9 hour drive to get there. There is a little cutie pie waiting on us and oh, how I can’t wait!

Happy Trails!


  1. Sedona is just gorgeous! We went many years ago and had a wonderful time. And, I’m with you, when we go somewhere I want to go, go and go. Tommy, not so much. :o)) Beautiful pictures!

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