My Fashion Style!

#6 Blog-tember Challenge from Brave Love Blog.

“Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?”


I have a few fashion boards on my Pinterest site that you can view to get an idea of the style that I like.

I am always attracted to more of a classic romantic style.  Is that such a style?


I love jewelry and have way too much of it.  Pearls are always my favorite and lately I’ve been obsessed with turquoise and other colors of stones and jewels.

Shoes are always fun.

On a typical day, I will usually have on a pair of classic jeans, boot cut of course, with a nice jacket or top.

I’m really excited for the Fall season as I love boots, jackets and sweaters.  I really like to wear skirts in the cooler months with a pair of boots.




  1. I call my style classic with a feminine twist! Not as feminine and frilly as you, but definitely that sassy southern style! I’d wear hats and sundresses every day if I could!

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