Fashion Friday – Spring 2023 Trends

Happy Friday! Today is a fun day to talk about the upcoming Spring Fashion Trends! Where I live, we are all over the place as far as weather is concerned. Today we had a dirt storm and this weekend, snow is predicted. Last week we had some 80 degree weather. I’ve already switched me closet over to Spring/Summer. I put my boots away and I have all my sandals and open toe shoes ready to go. I might be digging some boots back out tomorrow. But, let’s forget about all of that and talk abut a few of the fashion trends that we will be seeing this Spring and Summer. You might be in the mood to do a little shopping and pick something out or shop in your own closet.

Speaking of closets, this is the perfect time to get your closet organized and cleaned out. It’s always a good thing when everything in your closet is exactly what you love and can wear and looks good on you.

You know me, I always have to ask you if you have found out your color code yet. At the bottom of this email I will leave a link for you that will take you to a free color analysis test to determine what your color code is. If you are like me, you love all colors and all styles, but, there are some colors that don’t really look good on us due to our hair color, eye color and skin tone. Have you ever been wearing something you love and felt really good about yourself and someone asked if you were tired or sick and you thought, “What?” It could possibly be because the color you are wearing makes you look older than you are or flushes your coloring out.

Okay, let’s talk Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2023. There are so many, but, I will share a few that you just might want to try.

Style Trends: Sheer Sleeves, Lace, Utilitarian Details (cargo pants, pockets, etc.), Blazers, Sport Luxe, Collared Knits, 2-piece Suiting, Patterned Pants, Asymmetrical Hems.

Pattern and Color Trends: greens of all shades, Viva Magenta shades (pinks), Orange of all shades, Loud Prints, Wide Stripes, Digital Touches, Wildflower, Gradient Color, Dots, Artisan.

Jewelry Trends: Blooms (Floral), Big Bangles, Pearls, Shoulder Grazing Earrings, Clean Metals (Simplicity).

Handbag Trends: Big Bags, Minimalist Silhouettes, Crystals-Rhinestones-Sparkly, Structured Boxy Styles, Fuzzy Textures, Citrus Shades, Shoulder Bags (short to medium handles).

Shoe Trends: Chunky Loafers, Ballet Flats, Metallics, Espadrilles, Crochet Sneakers, Sling Back, Naked Shoe (clear), Lace Up Tied Florals, Twinkle Toes (crystals), Bright Colors.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? We are probably all ready for some bright fun colors in our wardrobe. You might want to go on a search for a blazer and pant suit in a fun color; it can be as bright or soft as you like in your color code of course.

Let me know what trend caught your eye that you think you want to try this spring and summer.

Do you know your fashion style? I will share more on that next week. We will talk about what style you are comfortable in and how to make sure you are dressing the way that shows who you are with confidence.

Here is the link to the free color analysis.

If you are curious about the Spring/Summer 2023 Closet Outfit Planner, click here. This is a great tool to help you put your outfits together by following a capsule type wardrobe system developed by my mentor, Shari Braendel.

I hope you love getting dressed each day and you know that your style represents exactly who you are. If you need some help in this area or just some reassurance, let me know!

Until next time,

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