Happy 4th of July – 2022

The 4th of July is always such a festive holiday. It’s a time to celebrate our country and our freedoms. I don’t take them lightly, especially in this day and time. I’m not going to write a post on all the insanity going on in our country. Instead, I want to share how grateful I am to have been born in the USA and living here in such a beautiful country. I have spent much time educating myself on just what all our country has gone through to be where we are today. It is pretty amazing to think about. Compared to other countries, we aren’t very old at all! When you look at all that people have gone through to make sure we are free in such a short time, you have to wonder just how we made it this far. I believe there is only one reason and that is because of God’s grace and mercy. I can’t imagine believing any other reason. May we always be seeking God for protection and praying for our leaders. Shall I mention, to make sure we vote for leaders who have a deep love for America and it’s freedoms. We should also be asking for discernment with all the many different viewpoints and issues going on each day. Much wisdom is needed each and every moment of our day.

  “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

I enjoyed decorating my little tea room for the 4th of July. I call it “Beverly’s Tea Room.” It’s so much fun decorating the tea room on a regular basis with all the holidays and seasons. It is even more special to entertain family and friends. I’m still learning all the ropes on serving and the flow of serving others without making a mess of things. I have a few things on the calendar in the near future and I’ll share those with you as well.

Let’s have an I Love America Tea, shall we?

I collect aprons and I this is my personal chef modeling her 4th Of July Apron!
I have a few collections of these figurines designed by Thomas Kincaid. How I’d love to dress like these ladies.

May you and your loved ones have a very special day!

This is from an online art class I try my hand at. She does such fun whimsical paintings and she makes me laugh…always fun! Timree.com


    1. Thank you so much, Carol! I had fun decorating for the 4th. The last photo is a picture of the artist’ work. I didn’t do that one. I just used her picture with permission to show how cute her projects are! 🙂 Happy Independence Day!

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