Cruisin’ With The Grandkids

If you want to spend some fun quality time with your grand kiddos, I would suggest a Disney Cruise! We took our two granddaughters last summer on a Disney Cruise and last month we took two of our grandsons. What fun we had! We flew into Orlando, Florida and went straight to the ship and sailed for seven days. We stopped at two islands in the Virgin Islands and then of course, when cruising with Disney, you always stop at their own private island, Castaway Cay. This particular ship, The Disney Fantasy, was celebrating Star Wars. This was right up their ally as their Uncle Nathan introduced them to Star Wars a few years ago and now they love anything Star Wars.

Each day was non-stop activity. The food was absolutely first class and delicious. The staff on Disney cruises are exceptional. They treat you like royalty. My favorite part about the dining is, each evening you dine in a different restaurant. Each restaurant has a theme and it’s hard to describe, but, they are awesome. My favorite was Animator’s Palette. Your wait staff follows you to each restaurant. They are waiting on you when your arrive at the door and they make each meal so much fun for the kids. They remember your name and what you drink with your meals. They even do magic tricks with the kids at the table. Get this…..they cut their meat up on their plate. You don’t have to lift a finger for anything. Sounds crazy, but, you need to go and you will see what I mean.

Sorry about the glare on this picture. I took a picture of a picture and it had a glare on it.

The boys got Papa on the water tube that goes up above and around the ship. Yes, even over the ocean….I’m not doing that! I’ve said it before, every kid needs a Papa like my Jim. He played as hard as those two boys did. I kept up the best I could and got in some shopping and went to the spa one day. Did you know they have a Tiffany’s on board?

There it is!

It just so happened our 39th wedding anniversary was during the cruise. Jim and the boys made a trip into Tiffany’s and gave me a gift certificate to buy something. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but, $500.00 doesn’t get very much in Tiffany’s. I needed one more zero. -wink. So, instead, I went to another gift shop and found a couple of cute things. Too sweet!

I took this picture in the ice cream shop. It was the cutest little shop!
The ocean is breathtaking. Each evening the sunsets were so beautiful!
On Star Wars Day, most everyone was dressed in Star Wars costumes.

Shuffleboard was one of our favorites.

The Storm Troopers were walking the ship and they were very serious.
We ran into Disney Characters on a regular basis. Always fun! I think I got as excited as this little guy did!
Pirate Day was hilarious. I think they got a bit too much into it. They were pretty scary looking.
That’s about as pirate as I got…someone had to keep things straight. I told them I was Mary Poppins. Kept everyone safe and in line….My specialty.
Ahh….dress up night. My favorite! The most handsomest guys on the ship!
Guess who won 400 plus dollars at bingo with their Papa? Where was Mary Poppins?
Hard to beat a Disney Cruise!
Mary Poppins and Mickey hope you get to enjoy a Disney Cruise soon! Now, Spit Spot, let’s move along! (my new favorite saying)

If you want to read about the cruise we took with our granddaughters, you can click here and see that post. I’m truly grateful that we were able to enjoy these times with our cutie pies! I can’t wait to take the youngest soon! He will love it!

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