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Today we are going to talk about, Forgiveness.  You might be saying, “Beverly, what does forgiveness have to do in Making a Full House a Home for Two?”  When we are setting the tone of our home, we want it to be peaceful, right?  Where unforgiveness lives, you probably won’t find much peace. Having a forgiving heart is an important trait to have regardless of what season of life you are in.  The sooner you can develop a forgiving heart, the happier your home and life will be.

The older we get, the more life experiences we have and guess what….the more disappointments and hurts we will have.  When we have been wronged, our natural reaction is to hurt back and then hold a grudge.  Have you heard the saying, “hurt people, hurt people?”  I have a feeling all those people that you are thinking of that have disappointed you, have been disappointed by someone else.

Who are you not forgiving today?  Maybe, today is the day to just…forgive.  Many times we won’t forget what has been done to us, but we can forgive and not let bitterness build up in our hearts.  Bitterness is not pretty.  Bitterness keeps you from having peace.  It also invites negativity to take over your thoughts, words and actions.  Have you ever been around a negative person?  Do you know someone who never sees the good in anything.  They have a problem with everyone and everything.  Not pleasant is it?  I have a feeling it all started with not forgiving someone of a wrong that was done to them.

Unforgiveness has a few friends; Bitterness, Anger, Negativity and Jealousy!  Don’t allow them to take over your life.  They are destroyers.  They can destroy your peace, your family, your friends and your future.

I’ve had my share of hurts, trust me.  I have family members that I’ve had to forgive due to cruel things that were said and I’ve had to ask forgiveness as well.  Yes, there are some that don’t care if they hurt, they want to hurt.  My husband and I were in full-time ministry for many years and when you are betrayed and hurt by church members and church leaders, it cuts to the core of everything you are.  A few times, it was almost unbearable.  I’ve had to work through some words that were spoken and deeds that were done that I didn’t want to forgive.  I wanted to hurt back.  I wanted them to know how bad they hurt my family and I.  I finally had to come to terms that I was only hurting myself.  I had to get the victory over my unforgiveness.  I was becoming bitter and negative.  It also made me non-trusting.  That is no way for a child of God to live.  I’m saddened now by the actions of a few, but they have no power over me and my life because I forgive them and I have moved on.  Will I trust them again?  I’m much wiser in who I trust.  But, I have peace and I know that I am walking in the path that God has set for me.  That is so much more freeing than being in bondage to malice in my heart.

Who do you need to forgive today?  Begin a list and write out what they did or said to you.  Pray for each person and ask the Lord to help you forgive them for whatever it was they did.  Now, tear your list up and throw it away.  Remember, just because you forgive them, doesn’t mean that you will want to continue to be around them if they are constantly hurting you.  Don’t subject yourself to those that abuse.   It’s possible that when you truly forgive someone and they forgive you, you will have a brand new relationship and become the best of friends better than before.  If we let pride get in the way, we will never know what is possible.


Is there someone that you need to ask to forgive you?  Have you done or said something to someone that you know hurt them?  Now is the time to get it straight.

“Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.” Ephesians 4:31

In this season of life, there is no room or time for having a heart full of jealousy, hatred, bitterness, anger and unforgiveness.  Don’t let it rob you one more second.  The sooner we can learn this lesson, the better.  Hopefully, we taught our children this lesson.  If not, it is never too late to teach a lesson on forgiveness.

Don’t let unforgiveness ruin your home.

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  1. Wonderful post, Beverly! I especially like this line… “Remember, just because you forgive them, doesn’t mean that you will want to continue to be around them if they are constantly hurting you. Don’t subject yourself to those that abuse.” So many times we wonder if we truly have forgiven someone why it is so hard to be around them. But wisdom will show us that there are those who will abuse at every turn, and it is better to “Let go” and pray that they too will undergo a transformation through the knowledge of Christ that will change their abusive character. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Karin, Thank you! You are so right. There are some that need to be let go of and to pray that they would have a changed heart. There are some hurtful people in this world and so hard to understand why they want to live that way and continue to hurt others.

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