Welcome Spring 2022

Spring is here! Today it was actually 100 degrees! It may be safe to say that summer is here. The part of Texas that I live in can be freezing weather one day and then hot the next. I’ve always wanted to live in an area that has actual seasons and slowly transitions into warmer or cooler weather. No sense in wishing….I need to be satisfied and learn how to adapt. You would think I’d be used to it by now after living in this part of Texas since I was 9 years old. All that to say; Happy Spring! The flowers are blooming and the grass is getting green and the air conditioner is running…..I’m a happy girl!

When I clean house each week, (yes, I’m one of the few that likes to clean her own house), I like to smile while cleaning. I’ve tried having someone come in to help me out in cleaning, but, I would just rather do it myself. I think of it as exercise and I like moving things around and making a few changes in decor. Sometimes simple little things like a cute succulent plant placed in the laundry room make me smile. I think the only thing that would make me smile a bit more is maybe a brighter little pot for them, but, it will do as it is for now. Maybe they will outgrow this pot….if they live!

I was given this rose today at lunch and as I got to studying it, I noticed it looked like a heart. I clipped the stem and put it in a little bud vase by my kitchen sink. Now that makes me smile!

On Easter I made a few arrangements with some Peeps that I had collected and some jelly beans. I love the look of Peeps and I even like the way they taste…very sweet. Making arrangements with them is even more fun. I made a few for some friends and family.

I’ve loved decorating “Beverly’s Tea Room” since my Jim finished building it for me. It’s a fun place to entertain friends and family and even just to go out and listen to some peaceful music and just look at the beauty outside the windows…..if we aren’t having a dirt storm. Remember, I’m in west Texas! Each time I pass the window and look out in the tea room, I smile. I’ve enjoyed decorating it. The Easter decor made me smile and now that the Easter decor is put away, I just set out a tea set.

I love Precious Moments! I have for many years and I have collected a few. When I saw this figurine, I had to have it. Yes, I smile every time I look at it. It’s called, “Mom, you are Tea-riffic.” Yes, I gave it to myself, what can I say?

Keeping up with fashion is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve noticed a trend on social media to always show what you wear each day or model an outfit, etc. As much as I love fashion and I love helping others with their color code and styles, I really don’t see how anyone has time to always take pictures of all their outfits each day and on top of that to look good enough to put yourself out there for everyone to see each day. As much as I love seeing others and seeing their daily style choices, I’ve decided that is just not for me. This photo will prove what I’m talking about. I had snapped this for someone who wanted to see what I looked like as I was heading to the dentist one morning. I was fearful to go and she was trying to encourage me to snap out of it and she said to get dressed and get out the door. Well, I did and this is it….it does make me smile in thinking of what a dear friend I have to help me snap out of my dentist fears! *I did shed a tear or two on the way, but, I made it! All was well and I have the best dentist ever. She is amazing. They said, “see you in July!” I said, “so soon?” I’ll share my dentist story soon….it’s a doozy….as everything else in my life is. Okay, back to things that make me smile….

We have a desert landscape in our front and back yard. This time of year the yuccas are blooming and are oh, so pretty….I waited a bit too long to take a photo as the blooms are about to drop off. This plant actually has a dove in the center that has built a nest and has little ones that she is protecting. Smart bird. A cat would be crazy to climb in that thing to get to the little ones. We have an adopted neighborhood cat named Cheddar that I think has his eye on that nest! Cheddar is a whole other story I will share soon. No, I’m not a cat person….so why is there always a cat around everywhere I go.

I love decorating my front doors each season. Since I have double doors, I do two matching wreaths. It could get expensive, so I go as cheap as I can as they will be full of dirt by the end of a couple of months. I found these wreaths at Sam’s for I think 39.99 each. I added the ribbon and I was happy with them. They make me smile… the price made me smile even more!

I love tulips. They make me smile! Since they make me smile, I thought, why not get my mom some for Mother’s Day! I think they made her smile, too!

Okay, I will wrap this up. I could go on and on about the things that make me smile. I will end with the latest addition to our grandkiddo line up. We now have 6 blessings and another blessing on the way this fall. She makes me smile big time and I have a feeling you will be smiling when you see this…..are you ready?

Until next time….keep smiling!

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Smiling here after reading your post and seeing that sweet smiling grandchild of yours… it’s 3:30 in the morning. Woke up to what I think was a bug on my head… I whisked it off and and turned the light on. Couldn’t find anything, but also couldn’t go back to sleep. Glad you wrote such an entertaining and uplifting article that I could enjoy in the wee hours of the morning. <3

    1. Oh, Karin, I’m so glad it was a help for you when you woke up so early. Thankful it made you smile! So happy you didn’t find a bug anywhere…bugs don’t make me smile…..unless it’s a lady bug or something similar. 🙂 Trusting you will have a better nights sleep tonight.

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