Weapons Are Ready!

Today is Live Well Wednesday. This is the day that I record my journey in the saga of losing all these unwanted pounds.

Last night I began my journey with a 2.5 mile walk. This morning I have my journal ready and have already recorded my breakfast and water intake so far.

Here is my battle plan:

1. Know that God is my source of strength.
2. No sugar, flour, potatoes or popcorn. (for 6 weeks)
3. Only 1,200 calories per day.
4. Record in my food journal each day.
5. Walk 3 miles/day.
6. Weigh/measure after 6 weeks.
7. Review goals each day.
8. Read success stories regularly.
9. Drink 8 glasses of water/daily.
10.Report progress each Wednesday.

Here I go……………………….


  1. 1200 calories a day is not much- you make sure you stay healthy and lose the weight slowly- that is the way to keep it off. Dosn’t those walks feel great? Out in the fresh air- doing something good for yourself.

  2. The 1,200 calories is only for 6 weeks. The good news is, that is healthy food, not breads, pastas, sweets, etc. It is much easier to get healthier foods this way……….if I’m careful and wise. 🙂

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