The Power of One!

Judy Rouse is the Director of The Life Center. Anyone who knows Judy, admires and loves her passion and her love for life!

In my city we have a wonderful place called, The Life Center.

The Life Center is a non-profit, faith-based organization offering an alternative to abortion.

Many years ago as a young homeschooling mom, I became aware of this organization and I volunteered as much time as I had to give in counseling young girls in their decision with their pregnancies.  My favorite thing to encourage was abstinence.  So many young girls have never been taught that concept.  It was very fulfilling to visit with a girl and hear her say that she would remain abstinent until marriage.  As time went on, my schedule got very full with schooling, motherhood, ministry and life and I wasn’t able to continue like I wanted in volunteering.  As time has gone on we have always kept up with what we could do for The Life Center.  They are always on our prayer list and we are always concerned of their needs and do whatever we can.

I’m excited for the people and especially the young people of Big Spring to have this organization available in their area.  They are going to need much prayer, volunteers, financial gifts as well as baby supplies and many other items.  Be sure to give them a call and see what you can do.  There is always at least one little or big thing we can do.

The luncheon was held in a very old hotel that has been renovated and decorated to resemble how it looked many years ago.


I loved the room we were in! Very elegant! (A bit light for good pictures) You must go see for yourself. The Settles Hotel has a great restaurant to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.







This is the lobby of The Settles Hotel. I love all the chandeliers they have throughout the hotel!

I encourage you to find a similar organization where you are and see what you can do to help share a message with those in your community to save a life!  

The Power of One!  That is You!  That Is Me!




    1. Hi Lea! It was a great event. It was a refreshing message on the power of what one person can do to make a difference. Something I forget and voice it by saying “what is the use, nobody cares!” But, that is the wrong voice to listen to.

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