The Declare Conference – Day One


Last year I attended The Declare Bloggers Conference for the first time and I loved it so much that I registered for this years conference last August!  This year, I brought a sweet friend with me, Rhodema Cargill!  What fun we have had and it is only the end of the first day.   We made it safely to the Cooper Hotel Conference Center and Spa.  The hotel is part of the Cooper Aerobics and Fitness Center.  I knew something was up as in being a health and fitness facility when I spotted the complimentary vitamin pack in the room.  It is a beautiful hotel in a beautiful section of Dallas.  I would love to stay here again someday.  The staff is very friendly and it is very clean.  Two of my favorite words; clean and friendly!

This morning started off with a complimentary breakfast and then off to our first workshop.  My head was spinning after 3 hours of learning all the latest in the area of Monitizing Your Blog.  Kristen Kill and Emily Thomas were amazing.  I could have listened to them all day!  We took a quick lunch break and ate at the Cedars WoodFire Grill that is located in the Cooper Fitness Center.  Our next workshop was, Graphics and Social Media with Crystal Stine.  What a privilege to be able to learn from Crystal, today!  I’m looking forward to trying to make my own graphics soon!

Tonight was the first keynote with Kris Camealy!  A few highlights from her message are:

*Why do we write or blog?  The answer should be, to bring honor and glory to God!

*Put your dreams/writing on the altar and let God take control.  As in Genesis 22:9 (Abraham/Isaac)

*We are called to make disciples, not fans and followers.


After a time of music by a brother/sister worship team, we heard from representatives of,  The Seed Company.  You must go to the site!  I’m amazed at what is going on to reach the lost in other countries!

Rhodema and I headed out for dinner after tonights session.  We were looking for BBQ, but ended up at a place called, Ruggeri’s Italian.  It was not only beautiful, but delicious!


Every time we sat down, we had a gift.  It’s day one and I have a bag full of fun treats!  Everything from macarons, cookies, journals, books, bags, pens, stationary and a scripture poster!  I love prizes!

IMG_7464            IMG_7466



Can’t wait for Day 2!



    1. Rhodema! I’m so glad you got to go this year! I can’t wait to see the great things that transpires from your blogging! Looking forward to seeing all of your paintings and writing!

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