The Declare Conference – Day 3 (last day)



What an amazing time I’ve had. So much inspiration! We all need a time to get away from the everyday and focus on who God is and do a check up on our lives to make sure we are walking as close to Him as possible. Being around positive and uplifting people is one of the best things ever in this crazy world. The Declare Conference leaders are an incredible example of women who love the Lord with all their hearts and want to see others in that beautiful place, too! I encourage you to visit their blogs:




Michelle Acker

Our keynote speaker for our last day was, Carri Trotter. If you want to be around someone who is excited about God and passionate about His Word and loves life, you will want to get to know Carrie. She challenged us to aim our arrow at our goal and to go for it. Don’t talk about it, don’t think about it…..just GO! Yes, that was for me!

For our morning session, Kristen Kill, a blogger from New York City, spoke on using your blog to build relationships through monetizing and writing sponsor posts. I love her sweet spirit.


Each day during our lunch break, we would listen to a speaker share about their ministry.  On this last day, Ashley Linne, shared on a topic from her book, Inseparable. She also gave us each a copy of her book. Now that was sweet!

Next on the agenda, we met with our Mastermind Group. Our assignment was to go to each of our blogs and critique and share possible ways to make it better. The ladies in my group were very wise. I was impressed with the knowledge they all shared with each other. I decided that Mastermind Groups are a good thing!

Our afternoon workshop was with Denise J. Hughes. Her topic was, Ten Steps to Take Your Writing to the Next Level. Denise is a professor at a college in California. I wish you could have been there.  Trust me, it was excellent.

Chrystal Evans Hurst closed the conference out with the subject of, Interruptions! Another great message to ponder on! I’m telling you, you should have been there.

Now to put in practice all the challenges we heard this past week. My head is spinning, but anxious to sharpen my arrow!

Hopefully, I will see you in 2016. Check the Declare site if you are interested in attending!



  1. Beverly, wow! It sounds very exciting and inspiring. This sounds maybe the direction I am going with the online courses I’ve been taking. Hopefully, next year I will be further along and can pick up some helpful things to help in my business. Glad you shared.

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