The Challenge

I accepted Nate’s challenge. He has always wanted me to grow my hair long. He challenged me at Christmas to go for it. I accepted and we will see what happens. I had long hair when I was a teen and then got it cut short soon after Jim and I married. I have kept it short since then. Hope it works….


  1. Hi, Beverly, thank you for stopping by to see me. And I hope you’ll come back often. I’m always up to some sort of project.

    How neat that you met Phyllis Hoffman. Hoffman Media is right here in B’ham where I live. I would love to go to one of those events…sounds fun. Never seen one advertised here! I know about Southern Lady too!

    Blessings, Rhoda

  2. Beverly,
    Just found your blog and am excited to have located you…seems we have much in common. I homeschooled my daughter during the elementary years, would loved loved loved to have joined you for the Southern Lady event and want my desire to be His desire!

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