Taking Care of Our Hearts…

I’ve really been troubled lately with all the noise going on in our world.  So much negativity everywhere we turn.  Negativity seems like such a gentle word when you think of the absolute cruelty going on.  Words and actions that hurt and even kill others.  So many thoughts and beliefs going on and when people disagree with someone else’s thoughts, they will seek to ridicule and say such mean spirited things.  It makes you want to step back and evaluate how we spend our time and what we fill our minds with.

Here are some things that have been on my heart lately of ways to deal with all the negativity going on in our world:

*Limit my news watching. I am a news junkie.  I love keeping up with the latest.  I want to know for myself what is going on in the world.  I try to stay educated.  Lately, when I watch the news I feel like I need to go wash my ears out and spend time in the Word of God and ask for a renewing of my mind.  The news is like a tabloid of filth and disgust anymore.  So much hatred toward others going on.  Division is getting deeper and deeper as the days go by.

*Guard my heart in what I fill my mind with.  In cutting back on news watching, I am careful with other things I watch.  I don’t waste my time on movies or television shows that  degrade the things of God.  Bad language is something I just can’t tolerate.  I don’t use bad language, so I sure don’t want to listen to it.  The lifestyles that are portrayed on television are questionable at every turn.  I line everything up with how God wants me to live my life.  I sure don’t want to watch something that glorifies things that are only out to destroy a life. I want to fill my mind with good and positive things.

*Limit social media.  Oh, my!  Have you ever read an article and then made the mistake of reading comments?  I can’t even imagine talking like how people write their thoughts.  I have told myself, “DO NOT READ COMMENTS ON ARTICLES!”   I really do think there is a way to share your thoughts and ideas on social media.  But, if you have to do it by being cruel, mean and ugly, I’m not interested and I won’t read it.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to share it, but they really don’t want to have a decent discussion.  They just want you to agree with them or else.

*Fill my mind with good music.  Good positive and uplifting music.  It can be Christian and secular. No time for negative music in my world.

*Spend time reading books or magazines that make me a better person.  I’m very careful what I read.  I’m watchful of the authors of whatever I’m reading.  So many thoughts that are so far from God that if you fill your mind with them, you will begin to think like them.  That is why it’s important to know what God says on every subject and then line it up with what you read.  So many things to learn and then there are so many crazy thoughts out there.  You better know what you believe before you begin reading other peoples thoughts.

*Be around positive people.  There is nothing better than being able to ask a friend to pray for something that is on your heart and know without a doubt that they will.  It’s wonderful to be with people who talk about the things of God and the blessings of this life. Being around encouraging people is a treat for sure in this day and time.

*Make my home a positive and happy place.

*Think of the type of person that you would love to be around.  Positive and happy and even in tough times, they have a joy deep down that can’t be squelched.  You be that person!  Don’t hide it!  Share your joy with others.

*Most of all, spend time with my Savior in prayer and in His Word.  How can you say you know Him and how He desires for us to live when you don’t spend time with Him by praying and reading His Word?  Study Him!

That is the beginning place for me.  I want a clean and a good heart!

Do you?  What are some ways that you guard your heart from the ugliness of this world?


  1. I agree. Politics are brought into every subject on fb. So many hateful things said. And nasty language. I have stopped reading the comments. We are a nation divided and its sad. I rarely watch the news. I watch long enough to check the weather. I love to read or I watch old tv shows. Sometimes you have to step away.

  2. I so agree with every word you wrote Beverly. A wonderful post! I cannot believe how negative, cruel and angry our world has become. I have become less of a news watcher in recent months and I don’t engage in any political ranting on social media. Thanks for these encouraging and provoking words. I have room for improvement for sure! Happy rest of the weekend!

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