Sunglass Fever!


Sad to say, I didn’t really wear sunglasses until a few years ago.  Every now and then I would get a pair and  I would lose them or they would break.  When I had to get some reading glasses, I noticed that the sun seemed to bother me more than it had before.  I also read an article on how cataracts might be caused by not protecting our eyes from the sun.

Then it happened…I fell in love with sunglasses!



My most recent purchase was a pair of Brighton sunglasses.  They use Swarovski crystals in all of their glasses and jewelry.  I am a huge Brighton fan as well as the My Flat In London line.  Speaking of My Flat In London; they just came out with the cutest sunglass case.  Had to have it to protect those glasses, right???

I chose the style called “Twinkle.”


Have you ever wondered how you know which style and frame is best for your face? So many to choose from; Oval, Round, Square, Rectangle, Aviator, and Cat-Eye.

If you have an Oval shape face, you get to wear any shape you like as long as the frame is proportioned to your face.  How fun is that?!

If you have a Round face, you want straight or angular frames that are slightly wider than your face. You want to go against the roundness of your face. I saw some cute ones!

If you have a Square face, choose curved frames and rounded lenses, again opposite of the square shape of your face. So many choices!

And, if you have a Heart shaped face, a cat eye, rounded square or frames with heavy top accents will work perfectly. Very cool!

Wondering what shape your face is?  Many years ago, I had wondered the same thing and I read in a magazine how to figure that out if you aren’t able to tell by looking in the mirror.  Look in your mirror over your sink/vanity and close one eye and with a eye liner pencil or something similar, draw around the outline of your face.  Open your closed eye, step back and you will see the shape of your face.  Ta-da!  I hope that works for you!  If you give it a try, let me know how it works for you.

If you see me at the sunglass counter, tell me to step away slowly! Unless, of course, there is a huge sale going on.


Do you have one favorite pair of sunglasses or do you have several pair that you like to wear? If you have several, how do you store them?  That is my next project to work on.


Have a blessed rest of the summer and keep those eyes covered!


  1. Beverly, this is right up my alley! I seem to buy an assortment every summer…especially the trendy styles. I have some that are high end, designer classics that I keep forever; and cheap, trendy ones that I only spend a few dollars on. They are all stored in the top dresser drawers. I just open a drawer, select the pair for the day, and off I go!

  2. Beverly, I love sunglasses! Living in Southern California, barely a day goes by that I don’t need to wear a pair. Sad to say, I am unworthy of expensive glasses like those my daughters wear and love. I tend to sit on, leave behind and generally treat my glasses quite badly. So I stick to those that are on sale, or at TJMaxx.

    I have quite a collection {as you can imagine with my kill-the-glasses habits} and store them on the storage boxes in my walk-in closet that hold my folded t-shirts, there is a small space above those that fit the glasses perfectly!
    ps. sunglasses is the only thing that I can’t seem to treat with respect, with everything else in my life I am beyond careful! 😉

    1. Hi Lidy, We were recently in California and what a beautiful place it is! I understand you on the thought of expensive sunglasses. I just purchased a pair at TJ Max a couple of days ago for $9.00. I couldn’t resist. They were a different shape from what I usually get. I panicked a few days ago because I couldn’t find my Brighton glasses along with the case. I found them yesterday. That was a close one.
      Love your idea of keeping them in your closet. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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