Security Alarms…

As we were driving to our home in Oklahoma, we got a call from the security company that a burglary was in the process and our alarm was going off. Our son-in-law, Rodrick, met the police at the house and sure enough, someone kicked the door in and ran straight upstairs. All this person wanted was my laptop and the power cord to my printer. I guess they were needing a laptop really bad and a cord to a printer! Maybe they will figure out it may be easier to go get a job like everyone else and buy their own with their own money.

April overheard all the goings on and has asked several times why the “kabob” took my laptop? Somehow, she got the word kabob out of burglar. Too funny! We did pray for this person that he would get his or her life right and won’t steal anymore.

If that wasn’t enough, one evening last week, April and I went to Target and McDonald’s for an outing. We returned to her house and no one was there and I punched in the wrong code to the alarm and yes, it went off. April had a melt down because it scared her. She was worried about her cat inside being scared of the very loud noise. Long story short. We sat in the yard with our Happy Meals, her special blanket, baby doll, our prize for Oliver and Target sacks until the police arrived. The officer said, he was told a relative was trying to get in the house and didn’t know the code. I said “that would be me.” He said he just wanted to make sure we were alright. After everything settled down, we entered the house and I assured April there weren’t any “kabobs” anywhere.

I’m reminded that two weeks ago, Nathan and I drove a couple of hours away to see his friend that was performing in a bluegrass band. On the way home, an officer stopped me and informed me I was driving 10 miles over the speed limit. He told me to slow down and let me go without a ticket. Whew! Construction was going on and the speed limit was going up and down, it was hard to keep up. 🙂 It really is true, every mile the limit changed and it was midnight.

All that to say, the officers in Oklahoma have been very nice. 🙂

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