Paris Hilton Quote

“In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make.” – Paris Hilton, June 4, 2007

Interesting. I must have been in the dark when Paris Hilton was making her mark on society. I still haven’t figured out what she has done to become such a celebrity that the news media would spend so much time on her. After catching up on the news of her jail sentencing, I have some compassion for her. By her lifestyle, it is obvious she needs Christ in her life. I pray that somehow, someway, there will be someone that can share His love with her. She needs a life change and a Savior, just like the rest of us.

And let’s pray that she does take an active role in her decisions…………whatever that means. 🙂

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  1. I must concur on the Paris Hilton media frenzy….way over the top. Poor girl is definitely in and of the world and hopefully there will be someone that can introduce her to Jesus. A jailhouse conversion would be wonderful! – Pat

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