On The Road Again….Hilton Head Island

I had great intentions of taking pictures and journaling our entire trip. That’s always my plan when we travel. The problem is, I get caught up in enjoying everything that I forget to take pictures. So, I’ll just share a few of my random pictures. I hope they make sense and give you an idea of how beautiful and fun Hilton Head Island is. I have always heard of Hilton Head and I love anywhere in the East. I wasn’t disappointed!

We traveled with a sweet couple that are dear friends of ours. Traveling with friends is always fun and this couple is so easy to be around and oh, so much fun. The guys golfed several times and us girls….shopped! I know, you are shocked! The week went fast. We dined at delicious restaurants, shopped, golfed, rode bikes…..yes, you read that right…rode bikes. I can’t even remember the last time I rode a bike…..needless to say, I was a bit nervous about that as everyone was very excited about riding bikes and I secretly was worried I would ruin their time by not being able to stay up on a bike! All was well…..I rode around the parking lot a few times and I did it! Hallelujah! I had to keep my eyes on the road because if I looked up I would go all over the place. It got easier after the third hour of biking. What a beautiful place to ride bikes, that is for sure! My only catastrophe was when the riding path narrowed and went between two trees; a young man was coming my way and he went off the path so I could squeeze in between the trees. He crashed. I looked back and said, “so sorry!” He was riding with a young lady and they were having a fun time….I think he was okay….at least he was laughing. Guess what? I think I like riding bikes! I’m now looking at bikes to buy and deciding what I want. It must have a basket and a bell….very important. The bell will come in handy instead of saying “coming through!” I’ll keep you posted of what I decide on.

Okay, enough of that….here are a few pictures of our week. Remember, I didn’t do too well in the picture department.

I found this map of Hilton Head. It is about 2 hours from Charleston, SC! We flew in to Charleston and rented a car for the week.
This was our first stop for dinner! Delicious and the atmosphere was so fun! They had a huge aquarium that was very intriguing. I saw Nemo and Dory. They looked happy.
How can you not have Key Lime Pie! This was one of a couple for the week. What diet?
We were out shopping and found a great place for a salad. My friend, ordered a Mango Tea! The glass was so pretty, I had to take a picture. I thought it turned out great! She looked very pretty and matched her drink. This could be an advertisement for them!
I love the ocean! There is something about watching and listening to the waves. So peaceful to me! Except for the jelly fish laying around.
Jim and I strolled down the beach. Yes, my hair is huge….in humid weather, my hair gets bigger and bigger. I don’t know what I’d do if I lived there!
Friends are friends forever!
There it is….the bike path…..my favorite was when the path was very wide and no people.
This was like a boardwalk where the boats were….so beautiful! Looks like we are all taking a break!
We were posing for this picture to look like we had a rough 3 hours biking….my rough look was a bit more rough than my friend!
There they are! Our little golfers! Aren’t they cute? Especially the one in the orange jacket. By the way, they had an alligator on one of their holes by the water. Fortunately, they weren’t eaten.
This is the sign next to were we stayed. Not very comforting.
This is the drive up to one of the golf courses. What a view. I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the summer…..and the fall.
Beautiful flowers everywhere and it wasn’t even in full bloom yet.
Love this view. We dined at a restaurant in this area.
What is this!? Oh, this is my view as we flew in to our part of Texas. Oil fields as far as you can see. Back to reality!

Thanks so much for following along with me on our trip to Hilton Head! I can now mark it off my bucket list! Have you been there? What was your favorite thing to do while there?

I wonder where to next? We will see.


    1. The weather was nice. It was rainy a couple of days, but, I love rainy days! That’s funny! We just may have to ride bikes. Probably can’t keep up with our husbands, though!

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