No TV!

Well, today I decided I was going to do without television for one week.

I always use my digital recorder to record programs that I like to watch. But, I have decided that I have really wasted a lot of my time watching programs that I could be doing other things.

Some of my favorite programs are:

Fox News (I’m a news fan)
Martha Stewart
Oprah (when she has a decent program)
Herman and Sharon (they interview authors)
Life Today (they interview authors, singers and speakers)
Hallmark movies
HGTV (decorating programs)
Food Network (Semi-homemade, Paula Deen, etc. etc.)

What I can do in place of television viewing:

Bible Study
Spending time with family and friends

So far, so good. I’ve had a very productive day.


  1. Hi! I’ve come by once or twice, via Eric’s blog.

    I’ve linked you on my blog!

    Keep us up to date on how your TV fast goes! 😉

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