My Season!

Blog Challenge #13 – Create a collage or inspiration/mood board for this season in your life.

I hope this collage of pictures helps in describing where I am in my season of life.  While searching for pictures for my collage and realizing what a disaster my pictures are, I had thought, maybe someone will do a digital organizing challenge soon! 🙂  I went to my Pinterest boards and took some of my favorite things from that and added a few of my own pictures.

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage6 PicMonkey Collage7

What season of life are you in and how are you living it to the fullest?  That is my goal, to live it to the fullest!


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