My Bucket List!

Blog-tember Challenge #10.  Brave Love Blog has 31 challenges for bloggers during the month of September and I decided I would accept the challenge. I have actually stuck with it for 10 days so far!   If anything, it has helped me to be consistent in writing daily.  It also has helped me to think outside of the box a little bit.

Today’s challenge is…..Share 10 items from my Bucket List.

I bought a journal recently that is made to make a list of things that I want to do and accomplish.  I haven’t really put that much in it yet.  As of today, I will get started in making my list in my journal.

Here are 10 items to get started with:

1.  Visit Victoria, B.C.

2.  Visit Carmel By the Sea in California.

3.  Have my Homeschool Mom Book published.

4.  Finish writing my book on Women’s Ministry.

5.  Begin my book that is in my brain but haven’t started it yet.

6.  Lose the weight that I’m wanting to lose!!!!!

7.  Go to NYC during Christmas.

8.  Play Tennis. (regularly)

9.  I would love to form a scholarship program for fatherless girls that want to go to a Christian College.

10.  Travel the country in a Motor Home!

Do you have a Bucket List?  Have you crossed anything off of it?









    1. Paula,
      Thank you! I will keep you posted if the scholarship plan comes together. 🙂 The Thanksgiving Day Parade would be awesome! This could be your year!!!! Thank you for dropping by!

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