It’s Laundry Day! Where Is Your Laundry Room?

It’s Laundry Day!  How does that make you feel when you hear those words?  Do you get stressed out in thinking of all the time you will spend on laundry?  Or, is it easy for you?  You may even be one of those people that LOVE doing laundry such as, a dear friend of mine, Martha.  This week, I will share an interview with Martha, who loves laundry day.  It relaxes her.  She is at peace when she is in her laundry room doing laundry and ironing.  Yes, you read that right…and ironing.   She irons like a dream!  And loves it!  And you will love Martha!

I’m not an expert on laundry… but, I have been doing it most of my life.  I remember as a young girl being responsible for the laundry.  I hung clothes on the clothesline when we didn’t have a dryer which was until I was in maybe the 9th grade or so.  When our washing machine would break down, I would help my mom gather all the laundry and head to the laundromat.  Should I mention how I despised going to the laundromat?

We will also talk about dry cleaning.  My Grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle owned and operated a drying cleaning business for many years in West Texas, Arizona and in New Mexico.  Ironically, after years in ministry, we now own several dry cleaning businesses. Isn’t that crazy?  Who would have ever thought that?  I wouldn’t have!  It has become a family business for other family members as well.  I don’t actually work in the stores, but, I will share what I know about dry cleaning and laundry.  I will also share an interview with one of our store managers on how to have a positive relationship with your local dry cleaning business.

I love hearing laundry tips and seeing decorated laundry rooms.  I can only go by my experiences of laundry rooms.  If I told you how many times we moved when I was a child and then after I got married, your head would spin. (that made me laugh…spin cycle, get it?)   I’ve seen just about every type of laundry area.

Here are a few of the ways I’ve seen washer and dryers in my world:

No washer/dryer.  Laundromat is the only way to get laundry done.

Washer only placed in the kitchen.

Washer only placed in the garage.

Washer/Dryer in the kitchen.

Washer/Dryer in the garage.

Square clothesline in backyard.

Two rows of clothesline in backyard.

Washer/Dryer behind bifold doors in hallway.

Washer/Dryer behind bifold doors in kitchen.

Separate laundry room for washer/dryer.  (Both large and small)

Laundry room that is also entrance from the garage.

However I’ve had a washer/dryer, a room or no room, all I can say is that, I am truly thankful for my washer and dryer! I don’t care where they go as long as I can have one.  I take care of them as a fine piece of furniture.

Laundry is just a part of life.  If you despise laundry day, maybe we can figure out how to love it.  Okay, maybe not love it, but, we have to do it and we might as well make it a pleasant experience, don’t you think?

This week, maybe we will be inspired to be the best laundress ever!  Is that even a word?

Leave me a comment and tell me if you have a washer and or dryer and where they are placed in your home.  I’m dying to hear all about it.

Also, I’m having another giveaway!  For all that laundry you are doing… you need a little break!  How about sit down with a coloring book and just color as your clothes are drying.  I have the perfect coloring book for you.  It is from my artist friend, Debbie Hannah Skinner.  “Fear Fighting Scriptures”  has 31 coloring pages with 31 verses to meditate on as you color!  You will love it.   So, leave a comment and from all the comments this week, your name just may be chosen as the winner of the coloring book at the end of the “Laundry Series.”  I know, right! So fun!!!


I better get back to my laundry as it is really laundry day for me!


  1. Mine is a separate laundry room and I too live to decorate it like my house. I do not hate laundry day since it’s just Guy and I and it just takes 3 or 4 loads with towels and sheets nots do bad.

  2. Well, mine is small. It is just as you come in from the garage.
    It is a catch- all room for odds & ends, kids sports stuff, crafts and such.
    It is always piled high!
    I don’t have a laundry day… just about every other day is laundry day with a family of 5!
    Your laundry room is beautiful Beverly!

    1. Thank you, Shelley! I can only imagine having to keep up with a large family in the laundry area. You would for sure have to stay on top of it! You are doing a good job!

  3. I hardly give laundry a thought these days. I just do it and it’s no big deal. I LOVE my laundry room in our new house. It’s done in zebra and copper colors with a granite that matches perfectly. It’s a very fun room. Cute post!

  4. Our laundry room is small and it right off our kitchen as you head to the garage. It’s small and not decorated at all. 🙁 I do a couple loads of laundry every day it seems. When I keep up with it I don’t mind it, but when I get behind I loathe it! Lol! We also have a make shift clothes line that I used for heavy items that tend to take awhile to dry or when I have lots of laundry to do, it keeps everything moving and my house is not full of drying jeans and shirts. We also have a clothes drying rack I use, it sits in the kitchen.
    Lo e your laundry room, it is lovely!

    1. Thank you, LeeAnne! You are a young busy wife and mom and you are doing a great job! I understand exactly what you mean about not minding laundry when you are keeping up, but once you get behind…oh me! I hear you! Thank you for sharing!

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