It’s Friday Night!


Day #11 of the blog challenge from Brave Love Blog!

Here is the challenge for today:

It’s a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

This one is easy!

We order pizza and watch a movie.  I’m not sure about the movie though. I am really picky about movies.  It usually takes us as long to go through the list on our Apple TV and watch previews than it does to actually watch a movie.  But, we will eventually settle on one.  Jim has to have popcorn and my favorite snack is Jr. Mints for movie time.

If hubby is out of town, then I settle in for a good Hallmark movie! (or two)  And then read, read, read until I fall asleep!

If…none of that works out, I love to be out shopping until the stores close.  Especially, if it is during holiday time.

I know, not very exciting, but I love those options. I’m very thankful, because that is what happens on most Friday nights!

One of my favorites, “When Calls the Heart.” I’m looking forward to the new season on The Hallmark Channel!


  1. oh, i love,’When Calls the Heart.’!!!! i’ve thought of you so much lately as we have been here in OKC for the past week and a half helping out our daughter and family. We’ve had no time for anything fun this trip but in the future i’m hoping to check out some of the places you have suggested. happy weekend!

    1. Lea, I can’t wait until the new season of, When Calls the Heart, begins!
      I’ve kept up with your little one on Facebook. I know you have been a blessing to your daughter this week! Thankful all is going well!

  2. Hallmark movies on a Friday night sounds so relaxing and that movie you mentioned sounds awesome! And shopping around the holidays is so nostalgic and fun! Glad I found you through Blog-tember!

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