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 Jim and I got in from our vacation to Hawaii this week. What a beautiful place! I am not really a water person, but the ocean was absolutely beautiful. We chartered a boat for 4 hours one day and Jim snorkled with our friends, Shelby and Alicia, that met us over there. I watched from the boat. I just can’t imagine floating in the water with a mask on and breathing through a tube. I can’t breathe just thinking about it. Not to mention, the stuff that is in the water; eeeekkkksss! I would rather view it from the top, in the boat. 🙂 Everyone had fun though. The highlight of my day was driving the boat. I have never driven a boat and our boat captain asked me to take over. I was nervous at first and then I enjoyed it. So if you want to go snorkling, I will drive you. We saw some dolphins that day and from what I could tell, they were cute. That was just one day of a week filled with beauty and fun!

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  1. Sounds like Hawaii was everything they say and more, I want to go there so bad one day and you even got to see the dolphins, I have always wanted to swim with them and touch and play with them, that is a dream I hope to one day fulfill. They look so adorable on TV. I bet the water was beautiful, but were there any sharks??? YIKES!!! Glad your travels were good and you and Jim made it back safely.

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