Hill Country Home Get Away Tour – Part 1



Welcome to our home in the Hill Country!  We love going to our get away.  We are on the golf course, so Jim loves that and the shopping is amazing in the Austin area.  But, the greatest thing about this house is our kids and grandkids are around the corner!  How fun it has been to spend special time with them!  Can it get any better?  I hope you enjoy the tour!

Welcome, come on in…..


IMG_7777We love the open area of the main living area which opens up into the kitchen and breakfast area!  I still have some places I’m working on.  I’m anxious to be completely finished!




Now for the kitchen area!

IMG_7975IMG_7977IMG_7976IMG_7857We can move to the dining room now….

IMG_7823IMG_7822IMG_7581We will continue the tour tomorrow!  Can’t wait to show you the rest of our get away home!






  1. It is gorgeous but I cannot imagine owning 2 homes and trying to keep them both up. One is a big plenty for us. Of course, our old house is for sale and we are still caring for it but there’s no furniture in it and it’s basically just seeing that the yard is kept up until it sells. We’re hopeful it will sell sooner than later. Can’t wait for the rest of the tour. Lovely!

    1. Hi Lea, I hope you home sells quickly. I’m sure it will, it was a beautiful home! I’m excited about your new home and I know you are enjoying it. I’m learning and doing my best in not getting overwhelmed. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Beverly, your home is beautiful!! What an awesome place to have as a retreat! It reminds me so much of our old home in Round Rock. ( I miss that place!) The Hill Country is amazing; and we found so many great places to explore. Maybe we’ll get to retire there. In the meantime, I have been enjoying our Louisiana home. I think I’m getting spoiled…lol!

    1. Hi Shenita! I bet you are loving your Louisiana home! I would love to see what all you have done lately. Round Rock isn’t too far from us. You will have to share the places you loved to explore, I’m still learning the area. Thank you for your sweet comment!

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