Happy 2022!

I’m excited about the new year, aren’t you? The last couple of years have been pretty crazy for sure. I bet we could share some very interesting stories over a glass of iced vanilla tea! Well, since it’s winter, maybe a cup of hot cocoa! If you live in west Texas, it can be 23 degrees one day and 78 degrees the next, so I have both on hand at all times.

I’m excited about getting back to my blogging on a regular basis. I have some fun things up my sleeve to write about. Well, it’s fun for me, anyway. My specialty is procrastination, so you can imagine with all the strange things going on, it was easy for me to say, “tomorrow, I’ll write!” Speaking of, that is one of my things I’m going to work hard on this year…..my procrastination. It’s really not that bad, but….it’s bad enough where I think, “wasn’t it just Thanksgiving yesterday, I haven’t even made the fall cookies I had the recipe for pulled out of my recipe book!”

I’ve been blogging for a long time and I did a little refresher on my site. I’m having to learn a new system and I’m not tech savvy at all, but, I’m learning….again! I’m having to go back and make my categories and I’m trying to put them where it will be easy to find a certain topic. Oh me…..I love to write about EVERYTHING…so my topics are through the roof. I’m still working on it all…so be patient with me.

My dream for my blog has always been that it would be like sitting down with a good magazine that is filled with all types of things to inspire, encourage and maybe think about something that you haven’t thought of before. I love beautiful pictures and I’m learning on that one, too. When I compare my pictures from when I began my blog many years ago, I get tickled. Hopefully, they will still get better as time goes on.

I’m not in the money making business, so you won’t find pop up ads all over the place. I read some very good blogs and it’s difficult sometimes with all the pop ups…so, that is a no no for me. I am trying to build my subscriber list, but, I don’t want a pop up saying “SUBSCRIBE!!!” I’ve just left that up to whatever happens, happens. I’m taking my annual social media break from FB so I’m not able to share my writing through that. For now, I’m still on IG….you never know, I may take a break from that one soon as well.

In our crazy world it is easy to say, “Lord, come quickly, this place is a mess!” I then remember, that we are to continue to live life to the fullest and be a light in any way we can….. not hibernate and shut down and wait for His return. We want to be busy when we hear that trumpet, don’t you think? Always, looking for His return all the while living a beautiful life!

I hope this year you will find much inspiration and food for thought as we make it in this world as a light and living life to the fullest just as He wants us to. We have much to do, much to share and much to dream about. Are you ready?

I am, we can do this!

I have one question before I close…

Do you like to leave comments on blogs or would you rather email your comment if you have one?

I lied….I have one more question….

Do you subscribe to blogs or do you just go to them when you see a link somewhere….or maybe you just remember where to go to read the latest on your favorite blogs?

*you can email or leave a public comment for your answers if you wish….it will help me make a couple of decisions on that area of my blog updates.

That’s all I have for today. May you have the best year ever and that great and wonderful things are in store for you and your family.



  1. Hi there! I found you through another blog and just wanted to pop over to say hello and that I love your blog! To answer your questions, I prefer to comment on actual blog posts. I also prefer NOT to subscribe to blogs, because it clutters up my emails even more and it seems you can’t subscribe without receiving an email. I added your blog to my own “favorite blogs list” on my own sidebar, I hope you don’t mind! It makes it easier for me to find it everyday. Have a great one!

    Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you, I’m so glad you stopped by! Great idea on adding it to a list on your blog. I understand about the email clutter for sure. I may do that as well. I look forward to reading your blog. Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Beverly,
    You are the only blogger that I subscribe to! I love hearing what you have to say when you say it and you are not saying it DAILY! Same reason as Ms. Jennifer stated above. I don’t have time to read daily blogs (I used to subscribe to several), and they clutter my email, and makes be crazy if I can’t get through reading all my emails on a daily basis. I rarely leave comments unless it is something I just really want to say…

    Blog away! I’m always ready to read what you have to say and what you’ve been up to.

    Happy New Year Beverly!

    1. Jo, you are so sweet. I am honored! I hear you on the emails. I have to clear out my inbox each day. If I get behind, I can’t do anything until I get it done. So, I’m careful with the things I subscribe to as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you are a joy as always!

  3. Great post Beverly and I, too, need to do more regular blogging. I need to find some topics and get going. I subscribe to NO blogs for the same reasons as the above two. You are on my sidebar and when you do a new post I run over and read it. And, I prefer to leave my comments on the blog. Looking forward to all you have to share. Big hugs!!!!

  4. I don’t subscribe to blogs typically. I too, am thankful that you don’t have a lot of ad pop ups. Love your blog and topics!
    Happy New Year!!

  5. Such a wonderful uplifting post! Just what I needed to read today. I subscribe just so I make sure I don’t miss any of your
    posts, and I comment here, but not all the time… just a little lazy I guess. 🙂 Glad to hear things are well with you!
    Love and hugs <3

  6. I don’t subscribe to blogs for all the reasons the others have mentioned and I’m like you. I have to clear out my inbox every day🤗. Keep up the good work. You always touch on some area I can be encouraged in. Thank you sweet lady

  7. I enjoy your blogs! They’re very encouraging! I thought I had subscribed, but I don’t get them. They just pop up. I don’t mine leaving a comment on the blog.
    Keep up the great work!

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