Fabulous Five On Friday

Welcome to my Fabulous Five on Friday!

I’m anxious to share with you my latest finds that I think are fabulous!  Which means it gets my Five Star Rating. (Is that special, or what?)

Those that know me well, know that I love just about everything and at the same time I’m also very picky!  I try not to be so picky, but…it just happens, can’t help myself.

So here you go, my favorites for this week!  

I found these boots at Stein Mart (love that store) and I was attracted by the 2 1/2 inch heel and of course the leopard print. I’m always on the hunt for cute shoes and boots that have a 2 1/2 inch heel, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found these!


The latest rage is, do it yourself nail gel. Sally Hansen has made a product that you don’t have to have the special light. You simply paint on the gel color and then the special gel top coat. I’ve had it last up to two weeks on my nails. I have found this product at Ulta and at Target! Make sure you get the one that doesn’t need the special light. Of course, they do make the light and special gel polish. (I bought two bottles by mistake, so my next plan is to purchase the light to try it out.)



I hope you can see these cute earrings, okay. They are gold and glittery. I found them at Chico’s! One of my favorite stores! These are really pretty in person, so you better go get them now if you want them. I’ve noticed once something is gone at Chico’s….it’s gone! Although, I went into a Chico’s Outlet in Branson, MO recently and found a top that our store ran out of and even online didn’t have it. So, be sure to check their outlets when you can.


I love the special Oreo’s that come out during the different times of the year. My heart stopped when I found these at Target! Dipped in milk…..oh, so good! Who me, trying to drop 10 this month? Yes, I am, and trying to stay strong with these things around!


I adore (trying not to use the word” love” so much) my new dryer. I splurged for a Chi. The paisley print sold me the second I saw it! Yes, I took my own picture because I couldn’t find it online. I purchased mine at Ulta. I hope you can find one… if you are looking for the paisley print: I may have bought the last one in the country.


There you go, my Fabulous Five On Friday list!  

Something to always remember is…

Material things are just things that don’t last, but the people in your life do… be sure to love those around you and let them know just how fabulous you think they are!



  1. Beverly, I love your fabulous five! Those boots are awesome! I’ve always wondered about the gel polishes I’ve seen at Ulta. Based on your review, I think I’ll try it this weekend!

      1. Beverly, loved this post and I love those boots and I’m a BIG fan of SteinMart too. I didn’t know that they made a Gel Polish you can use without the light. My nail tech gal always does the gel polish on me and she does such a good job that I’ll probably just keep letting her do my nails. I just got a Chi dryer a couple of months ago but it’s not near as cute as yours. Hope you are doing well and will have a wonderful new week!

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