Declare Conference!

I’m excited about attending the Declare Bloggers Conference that is soon coming up! I’m looking forward to being inspired and motivated by the teachings during the weekend.




We were asked to post 4x4of 4 Things, so here it goes:

4×4 of 4 Things…..

4 Things About Me:

*I’ve been married to my Jim for 34 years
*We have two amazing kids and a handsome son-in-law.
*We have 4 of the cutest grand babies ever and one on the way.
*I became a Christian when I was 14 and it has been an amazing journey.

4 Of My Endearing Quirks:

*I’m extremely shy and work on it constantly.
*I’m a germaphobe and I try not to be.
*I’m a night owl that forces herself to go to bed early.
*I spend way too much time dreaming and not doing.

4 Things About My Blog/Writing:

*I love writing on topics that will encourage women to live their lives for Christ.
*I write about things that I wish I would have known about as a young mom.
*I write about the things that the Lord is teaching me daily.
*I also write about the fun things in life such as family, decorating, cooking and shopping.

4 Of My Favorite Things:

*My Relationship with Christ
*My Family
*My Health
*My Freedom





  1. Beverly, I LOVE LOVE your new blog design. It’s clean and fresh, and I especially like what your Header says. And I see you have enlarged your pictures, very nice. I hope you are enjoying the summer days, my friend.


  2. Hi Sheri! Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m trying on the pictures for sure. I am still learning!
    Summer has been wonderful and quickly going….I’m trusting you have enjoyed your summer, too!

  3. Hi Beverly!
    Hope you enjoy your blog change. Let me know how it goes. Both Joni and I felt like going to .com we lost a lot of traffic and have been pretty disappointed in it. When I would try to pull mine up under .com it wouldn’t go to the page. I think it does on my computer now because my computer recognizes it but we were really frustrated. Hope you don’t have the same experience.

    1. Hi Jacqueline! Oh no! That is terrible! I wonder why it did that? I’ll keep you posted if I have any issues. Thank you for the warning. You have a beautiful blog and I love keeping up with you through all of your adventures!

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