Cruisin’ Around Hawaii

In June we went on a Hawaiian Cruise and what fun it was!  We did this same cruise a few years ago with my husbands family and enjoyed it so much.

This was a Southern Gospel Music Cruise on the Norwegian Cruise Line.  IMC Concerts and Inspiration Cruises were the sponsors of the Southern Gospel music groups that entertained with each evening for a couple of hours and also had an early morning devotional that was led by different members of the music groups. Out of 2,000 passengers on this cruise, 800 were onboard for the Southern Gospel concerts.  It was so refreshing and uplifting to listen to some great music and to hear uplifting messages each day of the cruise.

The Groups that were on this cruise were:

Greater Vision

The Booth Brothers

The Collingsworth Family

Jim Brady Trio

Liberty Quartet

The Ball Brothers

Triumphant Quartet

Taranda Greene

We made a stop at each island and originally we were not going to stop at the Big Island since the volcano had erupted.  The week before the cruise took place, we got word that we would be stopping on the island.  Each island has it’s own beauty and on the Big Island we got a driver to take us as close to the volcano as possible and it was very interesting.  At the time it didn’t seem too scary, but, now that I think about it, it was pretty risky.  We also got a driver to drive us around Honolulu for a few hours.  Now, that’s a fun way to see the scenery as he took us to all the high points and then to his favorite lunch spot.  We will be calling him again if and when we go back!

I’ll share just a few pictures so you can get an idea of the cruise.  I didn’t get pictures of the concerts as it was dark and I was too caught up in the music to be taking pictures or video.

My mom was on the cruise with us as well as a dear friend, Andrea.  We also celebrated Jim’s birthday while on the cruise.  Celebrate might not be the correct word, he didn’t want to make a big deal out of his birthday, so we were sneaky about it.

This was taken from our balcony and I used my app that adds sparkles. Looks like diamonds in the ocean!
Our daily guide to what to expect each day!
This was taken as we were about to board the ship and after flying to Hawaii all night on an 8 hour flight. Do we look tired?
One of the beaches we visited.

A Hawaiian Cruise is a great way to see Hawaii.  You get a small taste of each island and then you will know where you want to go back some day to visit longer and really explore.  I didn’t share too many photos as most are too large to put on my blog and I don’t have time to edit them.  But, hopefully you get a tiny idea of the beauty.  This was our third time to visit Hawaii.  Our first time we stayed in a condo with some sweet friends, The Hanks, and they were Hawaii experts.  They showed us the entire island and knew all the right places to visit.  That is the best way to see Hawaii, to me!  I always thought the flight over wasn’t really worth it as I’m not a fan of flying.  BUT….we flew first class this last time and I am now spoiled.  I’m ready to go back…..First Class of course!

Thanks for traveling with me….



  1. We’ve been to Hawaii twice but never on a cruise. We do love to cruise so maybe we should do the Hawaiian cruise. :o)) I’m sure the music added to the enjoyment. Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

    1. Hi Lea! The cruise is a great way to see all of the islands in a short amount of time. The music and being around like-minded people made it even more fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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