Beverly Goes To Vegas!

Never Say Never!

Are you as shocked as I am? For those of you that know me well…..I think you are really shocked!

I’m the one who said that I would never go to Las Vegas! Ever! I even said on my tombstone, it would say, “She never went to Vegas!” I said that because I felt like I was the only person alive who didn’t want to go to Las Vegas. It seems everyone I know goes on a regular basis and loves it! I almost went a few years ago when I was invited on a “girl trip” to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. Something came up where I was needed, so I had to cancel. That was as close as I came to going.

What Was It That Made Me Change My Mind?

Yep! Donny Osmond! I mean Donny and Marie! I was a huge fan as a young teen of Donny and have loved watching Marie in all of her endeavors as well. We have been to three of their Christmas shows and I’ve always wanted to see them doing a regular show. But, I didn’t want to go to Vegas to see them. But……I read that they were retiring from there show after 10 years. November will be the last show. I got online and ordered tickets before I knew what I was doing. I talked our favorite traveling couple into go with us. They weren’t fans, but were willing to go for it. Jim…..he’s always a trooper and agreed to go! When I ordered tickets the main floor was sold out plus the tickets were around $300.00. Crazy! But…I did get tickets in the balcony and the lady on the phone assured me they were great seats and I would be able to see really good! Remember that last line.

The show was in a place called, The Flamingo. You have to walk through a casino to get to the showroom. Such a busy place. Anyway…here is the good part of the story…..

When we got to our seats in the balcony……we could not see the stage at all! There were two screens that you would have to watch. I thought, I could do that at home. But, what can you say. Not to mention the chairs we sat in were regular chairs that you would see at a dinner table. Jim leaned over and said he would be right back. He had gone downstairs to see if we could upgrade our seats somehow. They told him to go to the ticket counter on other side of building, but an usher stopped him and led him down front to a table with a couple at it and 4 empty seats. No charge! Well, in the mean time the three of us were in the balcony waiting for Jim to get back. We heard some clapping and we all looked around thinking something good must have happened downstairs. We didn’t see anything. I happened to look over at the stairs and saw Jim waving like crazy for us to come to where he was. So we jumped up and followed him down to the front to our new seats. I was in shock! Now…the reason we heard people clapping was because Jim had got up on the stage and was waving and yelling for us to come on down. But….remember, we couldn’t see the stage so we never saw him. An usher escorted him off the stage! People then clapped for him. A lady even came up to him after the show and told him that she enjoyed watching him waving around on the stage before the show. Sooooo embarrassing, but, that’s my Jim!

The couple that we sat with at the show were friends of Donny. They shared a few stories with us about him. How fun was that! By the way… was a great show! Loved every second of it!

I did my best to take pictures, but, I was so busy, I didn’t take the time to take very many. Selfies aren’t my expertise! As you can tell!

We were there from Friday to Sunday evening and we tried to see and do as much as possible. We went through The Belagio and the Wynn hotels. Everything is decorated over the top. I was speechless! These are the only pictures I took. I was too busy gawking at everything.

Of course, I’ve always heard the shopping is great there! So, we hit a few shopping centers. Most of it was high end shops such as Dior, Gucci, Chanel, etc. Everything was beautiful and fun to look at. I saw a scarf in one store and thought how pretty it was and maybe I should get it for a souvenir. When I checked price it was $850.00. I passed. Then I inquired about a certain belt that is the rage these days….$700.00. I guess Dillards and Stein Mart is my place to be.

The guys found a resting place while we shopped!

Jim had made reservations at a couple of places to eat that were delicious! Joe’s Seafood and Capital Grille.

We stayed away from the Las Vegas strip. We were about 20 miles or so in a town called Henderson at the Hilton at Las Vegas Lake. It was really nice. We got a suite that was beautiful and comfortable. I wish I would have taken a picture, but here is a link if you want to check it out. It was peaceful, clean, friendly, decorated nice and has a wonderful golf course that the guys really liked! The restaurant was really good, too!

On Saturday night, Jim got us tickets for a water show that was at the Wynn Hotel. Levre I think was the name of it. We had front row seats. The seating was in the round and went down as the center was all water and divers, swimmers put on a show. We were splashed a little bit, but not too bad! All I can say is, it was amazing! Interesting story they were telling, but, the acrobatics in the water was incredible.

Time to head home! I absolutely loved seeing the terrain from the air and seeing the desert mountains around the city with palm trees. I just love that look!

It was a fun weekend! We love our traveling friends. This was our third or fourth trip with them and they always make it fun!

There you go….Beverly’s big trip to Las Vegas! Yes! It was waaaaaayyyy out of my box, but I did it. Saw some interesting things and saw some sad things. Will, I go back? I’m not sure……NEVER SAY NEVER is now my motto!

Till next time!


  1. You are right I’m shocked but so glad you went and saw Donny and Marie. Vegas is interesting and certainly lots of gawking can be done , love all the decorations and beautiful flowers and such used in the hotels. Love the water show at the Bellagio and neat stores and the food oh man Mmm!! I like all the lights it’s neat to see but all the other that the city is known for…nah not for me either!

    1. Hi Jennifer! First of all thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. The decorations, shopping, food and shows are explosive. Very over the top and hard to believe what you are seeing. The beauty of things mixed with lot’s of craziness makes for an interesting place. My next post will be on my final thoughts of Vegas. It’s funny with all the glitz and glam, there is a dark side which is everywhere, not just in Las Vegas. Our world needs a Savior and it’s very evident when you go out and about away from home.

  2. Girl, as much as you go I can’t believe you had never been to Vegas. We’ve probably been 6 times, mostly with State Farm. We, too, saw Donny and Marie. I have always loved them. We’ve seen lots of good shows there, such as Celine. Wow! Glad you went and had a good time.

    1. Wow, Lea…you have been there a lot! Wasn’t the Donny and Marie show so much fun! It was such a fast trip….can’t believe I’ve been there and back. LOL!

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