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Welcome to my series, “A Woman of Worth.” I’m excited to introduce you to the many women who have impacted my life and inspired me throughout the different seasons of my life. I have a feeling they will inspire many of you as well. We never know the path that others have walked when we first meet them. Whatever we are going through, we can usually find someone that will inspire us in the very thing that we need encouragement in. Through this series, I hope you will enjoy meeting the women that I have had the blessing of having in my life either for a short time or a very long time.

I met Alicia and her husband Shelby right before Jim and I got married through some mutual friends of ours. That has been over 43 years ago! We didn’t see much of each other after Jim and I married as we had moved off to seminary and then were busy serving in other churches. When we moved back to Midland we connected again. My Jim was a director and teacher in the Jr. High Department of our home church at this time and Shelby and Alicia were serving in this class. I have many stories of the shenanigans we got into. Alicia and I are very different in so many things but yet the same in just as many. We get tickled at how we are so different and we still have so much fun together.

One of my favorite stories is when Alicia and I met at the church on a Saturday afternoon to decorate the bulletin boards in our class. The classroom was upstairs and the light switch to upstairs was downstairs on the wall as you walk up the stairs. There was also a switch at the beginning of the hallway upstairs. So, we turned the light on and headed up and began working away. While we were laughing and talking… all of the sudden the lights went out. It was pitch black. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. Yes, I was terrified. Alicia kept saying, “it’s okay, someone probably just turned the light off thinking no one was up here.” I said, “sure, we are about to be murdered!” I began imagining all sorts of things. Alicia, yelled out, “Hello?” Silence! The only thing to do was to walk down to the end of the very long hallway and try to turn the light on or run as fast as we can as we get to the stairs and run outside! So, Alicia said she would go turn the light on, I said, “I’m not staying here by myself!” She said, “come, on, then!” I had a stapler in my hand opened and ready to staple anyone that tried to get us. Alicia had a pair of scissors. It’s a miracle we didn’t hurt ourselves. She led the way and I held on to the back of her shirt and followed with stapler ready. We made it to the light switch and turned the lights on. What a relief to be able to see again. Needless to say we hurried and finished our work and got out of there. All we could figure is one of the staff was downstairs and saw the light on thinking no one was there and turned it off and left.

Over the years we have traveled to places like Hawaii, Maine and Branson together. Our husbands enjoy hiking and exploring while we usually shop and search out our next restaurant to try out.

Alicia and Shelby have been married for 44 years and have two daughters who are married and have blessed them with 5 grandkiddos! I love Alicias name that her grand babies call her. She-She! I love it. She is an amazing mom and grandmother. Her girls love being around Alicia. I love hearing about how much fun they all have together.

A few years ago Alicia and Shelby moved to the Fort Worth area and have a beautiful home that they love spending time with family and friends in. Alicia serves in her church in many areas. She is an excellent cook and she shares her gift of cooking and hospitality by organizing and preparing regular luncheons for the staff at her church. If you are fortunate to be a guest at Alicias home, you will be treated like royalty.

Riding horses has always been a love of Alicia….yes, she even has her own horse! She also stays busy by taking care of her mom who doesn’t live too far away. Sewing and decorating are also on the list of her many talents.

When I wasn’t feeling very well a couple of years ago, Alicia would text on a regular basis checking on me and encouraging me. She would challenge me regularly with things to get back to the living. She reminded me that I was going to be okay and she was right, I am! I’m very thankful for my friendship with Alicia and her husband. You are blessed if you have the Hanks in your life as dear friends!

Alicia became a Christian when she was 7 years old. She remembers that day very well. As she got older she wrestled a bit with her salvation wondering if she had said the right words or not. She now knows her salvation was complete at the age of 7 when she asked Jesus into her heart!

Alicia’s favorite verse that she goes to on a regular basis is Philippians 4:6, ” Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” If she doesn’t understand something in her life, she goes to this verse. If she doesn’t know how to pray, she goes to that verse. If she is frustrated, angry, confused, she goes back to that verse. It is her “reset” button.

Alicia shared that if she could have had some advice many years ago that would help her it would be, “To consistently go to God for my contentment and my “happiness.” A person is not responsible for that.”

I asked Alicia what she felt her purpose in life is and this is what she told me:

“I have wrestled with this most of my life. I am a “guns a blazing” type person. When God chose not to use that part of my personality, I was left to wonder just how He could use me. I have since learned that my purpose is simple; to glorify the Lord. If that is leading 2000 forward, or spending 10 minutes visiting with someone in the grocery store, it all all for His glory.”

There are two things Alicia hopes to be remembered by: Her obedience to God and that she could make you laugh.

Alicia hopes to encourage other women to remember that their husband is just a man. He has his own personality, his own goals and his own vision. Pray for your husband! Don’t belittle him, love him.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my friend, Alicia and that her words encouraged you. We all can learn from one another regardless of age difference, likes, dislikes, talents and everything in between. Don’t ever limit yourself in reaching out to make a new friend. You never know what you will learn and how much fun life can be with a friend!

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  1. Love this and this lady! Blessed to call her my sister in love. She is a treasure beyond words and has blessed me and our family many times over. She is our children’s Godmother and Aunt- pours into them beyond measure. Our daughter, Keelyn is the one who named her She-She. When she was little and Alicia would come over she couldn’t wait to raise her arms for her to pick up and would say “She-She”…. It’s all good when you get a hug from She-She!❤️
    She does make us laugh and we do love spending time with her and Uncle Shelby!

  2. I loved reading about your friend Alicia. I met her years ago but never knew her very well. I LOVE her mom Glenda. Obviously, she raised an amazing daughter who is a blessing to so many people.

  3. The best mother and friend!!! I’m grateful each day she’s mine! I told her years ago that if I’m a fraction of the woman she is, I’ll be doing quite well.

    I’m reserving first week of May at the house for the royal treatment 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren! How exciting you got your reservation in….your mom will be ready for you, I’m sure of that and what a wonderful time you all will have! You are greatly blessed! And…you are a joy to your mom and dad…you have amazing shoes to fill and you are already doing excellent from what I hear and see!

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