A Letter to Myself at 16!

#9 Blog Challenge:

Write a letter to sixteen-year-old you. Any advice or funny stories?

Bailey Jean at Brave Love Blog really knows how to give a challenge.  I’m hanging on and made it to Day #9.  This is another tough one as I’m having to go back and try to remember what frame of mind I was in at 16.  Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing if you could go back and be able to read a letter from your future self telling you to hang on, it will be okay?  Here we go…..

Dear Beverly,

Since you are 16 now, it is time for me to share some things and give you some advice.  Please read this and take it to heart.  Don’t ever forget what I’m about to tell you!


*You are an amazing young lady.  You have worked hard at taking care of your two young brothers. You have such a love for them and you always make sure they have what they need and are doing good.  Continue to be close to them.  Love them even when they disappoint you. Teach them in love, don’t ever belittle them with words.  Let them know how much you love and care for them.



*I’m so proud of you for loving your mom like you do.  You have watched your mom struggle as a single mom and you help out in any way you can.  You are quiet the little homemaker, even at 16.  She can count on you to  be who you are supposed to be.  You love, respect and admire your mother greatly.  Keep watching her, as she is and will teach you life lessons that will come in pretty handy in your life!  She is a woman that gave her life to  Jesus at the age of 32 and she will only grow stronger! Her life changed 100% that day and her wisdom will amaze you!



*I know you hurt for your dad!  It’s okay to hurt.  You long for a healthy strong dad who doesn’t depend on alcohol to make it through a day.  You long for a dad who tells you he is proud of you and loves you.  You long for a dad who makes sure you have what you need.  He won’t be at those important events in your life, but, you will be okay, I promise!  Just continue to pray for him and think good thoughts and remember the few good memories you have of him.  Love him despite what you have seen and been through with him.  Forgive him.

*Girl, study in school!  I know you think it is such a waste of time and you would rather be at home taking care of your family, but you really need to study and apply yourself!  Trust me on that one!  What an opportunity to learn new things.  I’m going to go ahead and tell you this, because maybe it will motivate you….but…..you are going to homeschool your two children someday!  Don’t laugh!  You are!  And, you will be good at it.  But, oh, if you would just learn as much as you can now, it won’t be a shocker when you realize just how easy math can be as you teach your children someday.

*I know you are extremely shy.  You don’t like attention drawn to yourself at all!  Your face turns red if anyone talks to you….you will always have someone in your life that will make fun of your red face, trust me!  But, it will get easier.  Continue to lean on the Lord for your strength and boldness.  Remember when you thought you wanted to be an airline stewardess?  They don’t call them that anymore, but….you dreamed of the day you would fly around the world and you worried about being too shy to give instructions on the plane, so you…took a speech class.  You died a million deaths every Tuesday morning as that was the big speech day.  Even though you tried to get out of speech and they wouldn’t let you, you made it!  You won’t believe this one…you will speak to groups of ladies at retreats, conferences and even teach a Sunday School Class when you are older.  I know you don’t believe it, but, just wait and see.



*Always know that anything you accomplish or do, will be because you depended on the Lord to give you strength.  He will come through every time!

*You are going to meet and marry a wonderful man someday.  He will show you what a Godly husband and father is all about!  You will struggle a bit because you didn’t really have any role models in the marriage department…..your future husband will have a lot of patience with you.  Just watch couples at church and learn as much as you can from them. Oh, and by the way, you will have two of the cutest and sweetest children and get this….you will even be a Mimi to some precious kiddos!






*Okay, now for some bad news…..You will be hurt by some people that you trust!  People that you have looked up to for teaching and guidance and encouragement.  I won’t tell you who, but you just be who you are supposed to be.  When these particular people let you down and you are shocked that they aren’t anything that they claim to be, just remember your worth and value isn’t dependent on them.  It will hurt, but you will get over it and you will learn from it. Your wisdom and discernment will only become stronger.  Forgiveness will be a struggle in this area, but you must learn to forgive even when they don’t deserve it or really care if you forgive them or not!

*I also want to encourage you to stay strong in your walk with Christ.  Study your Bible, memorize scripture, read encouraging books and share with others the goodness and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Be a light and a witness for Him!


Now, all that to say…..enjoy being 16!  Live life to the fullest and love others.  Forgive and learn and share!  Don’t worry about how you look, what you have or don’t have.  You be as honest and real as you can be.  Guard your heart and your mind!  You got this!


Your future self,




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