A Day In The Life!

Blog Challenge with Brave Love Blog #28 –A day in the life. Take us through it with you.

When I’m home, I pretty much have a routine that I keep up with each day.  Today, I get to share with you a day away from the regular routine.

Today was a fun day as we enjoyed our  “Fall Get-Away Trip.”

Woke up in the beautiful Ozarks in the Branson, Missouri area.



Had an early lunch at the restaurant that is at The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks!  If you have never stayed at the Keeter Center….you must go to the site and look around.  It is beautiful.  The people are so nice and everything is first class!  We like the loft rooms.  They look like little log cabins!  Very nice log cabins!



After lunch we went for a drive through the mountains and stopped at a scenic overlook of the Branson area.




I then had to make a stop at my favorite shops.  Queen Elizabeth is little shop that sometimes has cute jackets and tops.  Then we head to the Grand Village Shops!  Grand Glitz is always a fun place.  Lot’s of cute jewelry, clothes and shoes.  What makes it even more fun is the friendliness of the ladies that work there.  Then a hop, skip and a jump across from Grand Glitz is, Mulberry Mill.  It’s a very cute store, lot’s of pretties!  Jim likes looking at the wood carving shop and the leather store while I’m looking around.  We then had a snack at a cute little sandwich shop called, The Sugar Leaf.  I love that place!







My shopping has to include the cutest store ever, The Secret Garden!  If I could buy one of everything….I would in that store for sure!

By the time we closed the stores down, it was time to meet some sweet friends for dinner at, Landry’s Seafood!  As usual, it was delicious!


Then we headed to a show at The Andy Williams Moon River Theater.  An illusionist was there, Rick Thomas!  Oh my….was it good!  I’m still trying to figure out how he did all those tricks.  People floating in the air…..huge dogs popping out of little boxes…….a motorcycle appearing out of thin air……ladies cut in half…..I could go on and on.  What made it even more fun was…he was hilarious!  We laughed at his stories and with the people that he called up on stage.  Jim and I always look the other way when they start looking for someone to call up on stage.  Jim has been called up a couple of times at various shows and even though it was hilarious to me….he didn’t enjoy it too much!



When you stay at the Keeter Center, you get a turn down service with chocolates on your pillow.  If that isn’t enough, they bring you fresh baked cookies and fresh milk from the dairy!  A girl can get really spoiled here!


IMG_4700 (1)

Thankful for such a fun and beautiful day!

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