5 Year Anniversary with Compassion

I just reached my five year anniversary in sponsoring a child through Compassion International.

*This is not a picture of the little girl that I sponsor.

When I first began sponsoring a little girl in Guatemala, she was only 5 years old.  I do have dreams of going to her country and meeting her some day.  I have never really had a desire to go to Guatemala, so it will really be waaaaaay out of the box for me.  For now, I will continue to support her with my monthly support and letters.  Speaking of letters; I love receiving her letters and seeing her drawings while reading what is on her heart.  I’ve received several pictures of her with her family. When I see the pictures with the things that she was able to purchase with the money that we send her, I always get tears in my eyes.  Some of the items that she has purchased are, shoes for herself and shoes for her mother, material to make dresses, large pots to wash clothes in, a backpack and my favorite was an armoire to store their clothes in.  They bought a couple of chairs, too.  Not fancy chairs, they were like what we would use as lawn chairs.  In one of her pictures, I noticed they had a dirt floor.  I also have noticed that she never has a smile on her face.  I’m sure it’s awkward having your picture taken when you aren’t used to it.  I pray that she is happy and safe and learning wonderful things in school and most of all, that she is learning about an amazing Savior that loves her so very much.  I’m trusting that she will one day make a difference in the world that she is in and reach others with the message of Christ.

Have you ever thought about sponsoring a chid in a poverty stricken country?  If so, visit the Compassion International website by clicking here and take a look around.  There are other ministries that do the same thing, but I am only familiar with Compassion International.

If you feel led to go ahead and sponsor a child, I would love for you to go to my campaign that I have going to begin your new journey of sponsoring a child.  Click here to go to that campaign and read more about how it works.  I have set a goal of 5 new sponsors for 5 children.  I would love to see the goal far exceed what I had set.  I’m so excited to see who all begins to sponsor a new child.

If you are already sponsoring a child, I would love to hear about it.  If you decide to begin sponsoring a child, please share that, too. I’m thankful that we can do something to help a less fortunate child in another land with money and by praying for them and their family.  It may seem so small and just a tiny way to help change a little girls life, but I am very thankful that I can have a little part in helping.

There are so many things going on in our world and I have wondered, “why?”  We don’t understand God’s ways, but someday it will all make sense.  But, for now I do know this…I don’t want to be asked why I didn’t do what I could when I knew of a need and that there was something that I could have done to help whether small or large

Here is a picture of the sweet girl that I have the honor to sponsor:

I’m praying for you little one!  I have loved getting to know you over the past five years.  You are growing up to be a beautiful young lady.  I’m so thankful that you were put into my life and I look forward to many more years of doing whatever I can to see that you never go without food, clothes and most of all sharing with you how much you are loved by our Heavenly Father.



  1. What a beautiful girl!! And how fun that you’ve sponsored for 5 years!! I think it’s great that you’re encouraging others to sponsor too. We love sponsoring!!

  2. Your girl is beautiful! I have seven children, sponsored and correspondent, and I’m at four and a half years of sponsoring! Looking forward to exploring your blog more in the future 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! I am so impressed that you are sponsoring 7 children; that is amazing! I will visit your blog and learn so much from you, I am sure!

  3. I hope one day you will have the opportunity to go to Guatemala to meet your sponsored child! There is nothing like it in this world to spend the day with the child you sponsor!

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! I’ve heard some wonderful stories of those that travel to spend the day with their sponsored chid. Maybe it will happen some day. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Hi Beverly,

    Love Compassion International! What a lovely young girl you have had the privilege of sponsoring for the last 5 years. She is beautiful!
    We sponsor a young boy named Brylly William Snae from Indonesia. He is 14 now and was was just 5 years old when we began sponsoring him. What an amazing journey we have had with him these past 9 years. It has been a privilege giving to him. He has written us many letters and it’s fun to see how he uses the money that we send him. From new shoes, to school supplies and remembering him on his birthday with something extra. We have sent him pictures and bookmarks too.
    What is so awsome is that he prays for us too. He calls Larry … “Papa Larry”…

    Keelyn recently wrote him – we are hoping he gets a kick out of that.

    He recently sent us scripture along with a picture he drew of 3 crosses. We are excited to see what the Lord is doing in his life and those around him.

    We would love to meet him one day!

    Thanks for sharing your story,

    1. Shelley, I loved reading about the young man that your family is sponsoring. So sweet! You have changed his life for sure. What a treat that will be for your kids and him to meet one day. I love the Papa Larry! So special!

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