My Tips On Unplugging Social Media!

Have you ever wanted to take a break from Social Media?

I may be able to help you with a couple of things since I recently decided to take the plunge and unplug.

With my Facebook, I deactivated.  You can deactivate and then you can reactivate with your username and password.  You can also just log out.  I chose to deactivate for a short time    I am using my time that I would have spent on Facebook to do other things that need to be taken care of.   When deactivating or logging out you need to let your friends know. The way Facebook works, not everyone will see your post about your checking out of Facebook for a while.  You may want to post that you are checking out and leave it up for a couple of days before you completely unplug.

I received an email from a dear friend who thought I had unfriended her.  I was heartbroken that she thought I would have done that to her. (*I have only unfriended three people the entire time I’ve been on Facebook and I regret doing so.  I unfriended one because they posted too many questionable things that I didn’t want to read. I since learned, that you can unfollow people if you don’t want to see their posts for various reasons.  The other two were for personal reasons and I really regret doing so now.)  Anyway, back to my friend who thought I unfriended her.  I assured her that it was not what she thought.  I’m glad she contacted me to see what happened.

I also decided to get off of Instagram.  This is where I messed up terribly!  I’ve had my Instagram since 2012.  Guess what I did?  I deactivated my Instagram instead of logging off.  I didn’t realize how important it was not to do that. I have now lost my account and I can’t get it back.  All my followers and those that I was following are gone.  Not only that, to set up a new account, I can’t use the name I had.  I had to set up a new Instagram account with a my blog name.  Remember this if you decide to take a break.

I love my Pinterest boards.  I’m able to really control my time on Pinterest.

I did delete my LinkedIn account due to it really isn’t a benefit for me.

I’m not on Twitter as of now.  A few years ago, I was on Twitter.  I really didn’t do anything with it.  When I served in women’s ministry, I had the honor of taking Lysa TerKeurst to dinner.  She made a post on her Twitter to follow me.  I gained some followers due to her tweet. I’m sure there are some that would realize how amazing that is to have Lysa TerKeurst  mention to her followers to follow you.  If you do, you also know how silly I feel to not have done something with that.  During that time I never really knew what to tweet, so I deleted my account. I know!!!  I sort of regret that today as well.  But what can I say?

The number of followers on your social media and blog are really looked at when submitting articles and book proposals to book publishers and magazines.  It’s very important to have a large following on all of your social media accounts. This is a bummer for someone like me who is not very good at promoting myself on social media.

Speaking of followers…..feel free to hop over and follow me on Facebook, Instagram,  Pinterest and of course, my blog.  I would be honored if you would and I hopefully will provide things that will inspire and encourage you each time I post.


Right before I “deleted” my Instagram account, I dowloaded the app called Chatbooks!  With this app you can have photo albums made with all of your pictures on your acct.  Each book holds 60 photos.  I had 11 books made and they just came in the mail today.  I just ordered them last week!  I  love my Chatbooks!  I would encourage you to download the app and have these cute photo albums made of all of your pictures on your Instagram.  I had so much fun sitting down and going through all of my pictures from the past 5 years.  Here is a link that you are welcome to use to get started.  Click here to find out more.  If you use this link, I just may get a discount on my next order. Is that exciting or what?  By the way, each book is only $8.00.  You can choose the hard or soft cover with your choice of photo.  I did the soft cover.  I’m wishing I would have chosen the hard cover. Maybe on my next set!   If you decided to do this, I hope you are as excited over your books when they come in the mail as I was!


MY 10 TIPS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: (that I learned from experience)

  1.  Chose one or two platforms that work best for you.  Don’t think you have to be involved in all forms of social media.  You will probably find one that fits you and your lifestyle the best.
  2. If you find that social media is consuming way too much of your time, take a break and rethink how you are spending your time.  Set up a new plan and don’t hesitate to change it if you find it isn’t working.
  3. Don’t lose site of being social in person and not just online.
  4. Don’t spend your time checking your phone for updates while in the company of friends and family.  Have a time when alone to take care of your conversing with online friends.
  5. You control your time; don’t let social media control you.
  6. When you take a break from Facebook, you can log off or actually deactivate.  Just don’t lose your password!
  7. If you take a break from Instagram, DO NOT deactivate or you will lose everything.  Trust me!
  8. Use your social media to inspire, encourage and build up others.  You can make a difference in someones life with your kindness and positive outlook on life.  Don’t get caught up in arguing over controversial matters.  I think it’s sometimes a good thing to share difference of opinion, but if it turns to arguing and being hateful, that’s when it’s a bad thing.  In my eyes anyway!
  9. Don’t lose connectivity with those that are close to you thinking that the only way to  communicate is over social media.
  10. Make a plan to mail a note to someone through the mail. You know… the old fashioned way.  You can’t beat getting a heartfelt handwritten note from someone.


  1. Great post Beverly! I have Twitter and Instagram and do nothing with either of those. I have unfollowed many folks on FB and it’s a neat way to quit getting their posts without unfriending them. I still have not gotten back to my 27 Hangers. Ugh, I need to get on that.

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