10 Ways to Make Voting Day Special for Your Children


We are in the middle of the season of choosing the next President of the United States of America. What a perfect time to teach our children how the political process works.  I’ve listed 10 ways that we can make voting day a fun teaching day for our children.

  1. Pray for our country and the leaders of our country with your children.
  2. Share with them who you are voting for and why.
  3. As you watch the candidates during a debate or while they are being interviewed on news programs, explain to your children who the candidates are and what they do or do not stand for.
  4. Don’t make rude comments about the candidates that you don’t care for.  Our children need to learn how to disagree with someone in a healthy way.
  5. Print out a sample ballot and let them vote.  Hold your own election in your home for fun.
  6. If possible, take your children to the polls with you when you vote.
  7. Pray with them before you go to the voting center.  Pray for wisdom to vote for the most qualified candidate and that God would continue to bless our country.
  8. If you take your children to the polls, explain how everything will work from the beginning where you show your voter’s registration card all the way to  how you cast your votes on the ballot.  Remind them to hold their questions until after you leave.
  9. Express how excited you are about the day when they will be able to vote.
  10. Go for a special treat to top off voting day.  You want them to remember this as a special day.  This could be a fun time to try and memorize the Presidents of the United States or some other game that teaches the great things of America.


The day will soon be here when we learn who our new President of the United States will be. You may be excited that your chosen candidate won. You may be sad, angry and maybe even fearful if someone won that you didn’t vote for. What an opportunity to show your child that God is in control despite what the outcome is. We are to lean on Him for our comfort and understanding. Even if we are pleased with the outcome, pride can set in. Our job is to show grace and love. We now have a new President to begin praying for.

Is there a way that you have or will make voting day a special day for your children or grandchildren?

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