Wrinkles? Me?

While visiting with our three year old April, she all of the sudden looked up at my forehead and said “Mimi, why do you have a crack right there?” She was pointing between my eyes. I said “That isn’t a crack, it’s a wrinkle.” She looked really puzzled, so I explained that as we get older, we get wrinkles. She was very concerned. I was too! I have always threatened to get botox there, but I’m only teasing. If I just see a needle, I feel faint. So, botox will always be out of the question for me.

I was shopping at Stein Mart and spotted some tape that you put on your wrinkle and then put make-up over it to cover the wrinkle. I contemplated it and then put it back. I came to my senses. Although, several weeks ago on QVC, I watched a lady that has a line of skin care and one of the products was called Instatox. You put it on the wrinkle and let it dry and it makes your wrinkle disappear. Yes….. I ordered it and it doesn’t work either.

So for now, I’ll have to live with this “crack” in my face.

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