When All Else Fails…..Design a Tea Room!

When we built our home 12 years ago, we put a door from our dining area onto a gated patio. We called it our breakfast patio. I envisioned having nice morning brunch or breakfast out there on beautiful west Texas mornings. Well, things haven’t gone according to my dreams. If you know anything about west Texas; we have dry hot days with lots of wind and with our wind is lots and lots of dirt. So, needless to say our breakfast patio was always filled with dirt and whatever else the wind would carry with it. The furniture was not really able to be used as it it would be filled with dirt all the time. It was so nice when I would get out and clean it from top to bottom, but, by the next morning….it would be back to it’s old ways.

We decided to come up with some ideas to help us better use the space. We had the thought of making it into a workout room or a sun room. What to do? We knew it would be something, so we went ahead and had a brick wall, door and glass put in. We now had a little square room with lots of windows while we were trying to come up with an idea for it. Then one day it hit me!

As you know, I love Tea Rooms. I have been to many all over the country. When we travel, I always look for one. I’ve been to some that I thought, “oh, my….not good!” Then I’ve been to some that have turned out to be my favorite places to go. (We don’t have any near where I live) I’m sure I will be sharing more of my tea room adventures with you soon. Okay, back to my story…

I decided to make a Tea Room out of our little space. Jim was on board for it and as always (okay, maybe not always) he was willing to do whatever I wanted. I think he was as excited for me as I was. After all, he just finished our screened in patio across the back of our house, which I’m sure made it easier for him to decide this was a good thing.

A tea room screams for a chandelier don’t ya think? I wish I would have gotten a picture of Jim putting the chandelier together. Who knew when you order chandeliers, it comes in one million pieces. He put white washed ship lap on the ceiling. My favorite home decor seamstress made my curtains and recovered my chairs that I ordered. I found a cabinet to store all my teapots and teacups I’ve been collecting forever. While at Hobby Lobby, I found a simple little tea cart. The decorating was easy and fun as I had everything in my dish pantry that needed to be let out. I ordered some art from a favorite artist who is whimsical and uses scripture in her pieces.

I had my first luncheon yesterday with two sweet friends. What was on the menu? Scones of course, you must have scones in a tea room, right. Okay, I bombed on the scones, but, I have a new recipe that I will try next time. They looked cute…I cut them into hearts and I will admit the icing was very good, but, no on the actual scone. I even got the recipe out of a tea recipe book. Maybe I did something wrong, who knows? Oh, then I made a delicious Cheddar Cheese, Ham and Thyme quiche. I could eat quiche all day. I served my favorite Spinach and orange salad. You have to have a croissant with chicken salad at a luncheon, right; so I made those. For dessert, we had a lemon cake. The iced tea choice was Raspberry and Pomegranate Tea.

My friends were a good choice for the kick off of the tea room as they are always so sweet and complimentary. I look forward to having them back and I have on my calendar my next victims…I mean guests to try out Beverly’s Tea Room.

I have a couple of friends who I hope they get to bring their granddaughters for a little tea time. Let me know if you want to make a reservation. I’m teasing…drop by anytime for a cup of tea or a fun little luncheon.

I have always dreamed of having a tea room as a business, but, we decided a long time ago that it was best that I just enjoy tea rooms when we are out traveling and not be tied down to a business of any kind. So, now I have one. So much better than a workout room, don’t you think. Maybe after I indulge in all the tea room treats, I may have to shut it down and turn it into a workout room….we will see what happens!

My mom gave me this cute journal that matched the room decor, so it is now a journal for guests to sign and leave little notes, quotes, scripture or whatever they would like to share. It will be a treasure to keep for sure!

Thanks for visiting Beverly’s Tea Room today!


  1. Well, look at you!!! That is so cute and I sure wish that I lived down the road and could run over and share a glass or cup of tea. Lovely, lovely and I know you will spend many happy hours in there enjoying it.

  2. Fancy!!! We would sure come by if only we lived close by. It reminds me of the time we lived in Fort Stockton and friends would come over every morning and we would drink coffee and maybe have a cookie….at the kitchen table!!lots of good memories

    1. Thank you, Aunt Flora Mae! I wish ya’ll were close, too! I imagine you have many special memories of your time in Fort Stockton at your kitchen table! I know I have some sweet memories from your kitchen! At the age of 10 or 11, I was mesmerized by the special picks you had in little squares of ham and cheese. Who knew? 🙂 And…of course your famous biscuit doughnuts! Plus, many more…thank you for the memories!

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