Wednesday’s Schedule…

“The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. “
Proverbs 14:1 NIV
On my cleaning schedule for Wednesday are the bedrooms.  I have four of them, so it is easy to stay on top of things and I can get done pretty quick when I’m caught up on the organizing part.  A couple are guest rooms, so they don’t have to be cleaned each week unless I see dust that bothers me. 🙂  I try not to look unless I have to.  One of our guest rooms that we called the pink room is now in the process of becoming my craft/sewing room.  It was sad to see the furniture go and all the fun decor that was in there.  But..I am excited about the transformation that is taking place.  The room has been painted and we are now waiting on carpet and furniture.  

For the laundry schedule; towels and sheets are on the agenda.

A couple of tips are:
*Each night before bed, make sure everything is in it’s place and the kitchen is cleaned up.  
*Try not to leave the house each day until everything is done.
*Love your home.
*Love the ones that live in your home even more.
One of my favorite quotes is from Elizabeth George, author of “A Woman After God’s Own Heart.” 
You want your husband and children to walk through the door and say “Ahhh, finally, I’m home.”
Photography isn’t one of my specialties.  🙂
Lord, help me to always stay strong in the area of building a safe, comfortable and orderly home for my family.  I pray that they would always love coming home.
You want to make sure the foundation of your home is built on the Word of God.

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  1. Beverly, you are reading my mind! All I want is for my husband and family to come home each day and feel that it is a haven from the outside world!
    Your posts have been such an inspiration this week! I’ve gotten so many great tips. Thanks for sharing!

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