Wake Up Jon and Kate!

O.K., as some of you know, I loved watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. This was the first “reality show” that I got hooked on. I loved watching how they all interacted with so many children. I was extremely disappointed when I saw how Kate treated her husband. She talked to him in the way a wife or husband should never talk to one another. I would say as a mom talks to her child, but I don’t think even children should be talked to that way. I justified it by thinking they weren’t Christians and had never been taught and probably had poor examples themselves. Then I saw an episode of them going to church and they spoke of how important it was to them. I think Jon even wore a Christian t-shirt a couple of times. Then I thought, Kate just needs some serious teaching and Jon needs to grow up and be a leader.

Now, all the stuff that is going on and after watching last night’s episode has left me very sad for that family. What a mess!

My advice to Jon and Kate:

1. Tell yourselves, divorce is not an option! You each are worth the work it will take to make your marriage work.
2. Forgiveness is the first step, real forgiveness and repentance!
3. Ask for forgiveness to your children as well.
4. Jon, to make it his goal to lead his family spiritually and with wisdom and strength and love.
5. Kate, to honor and reverence your husband in words and actions.
6. Vow to raise your children to love one another and treat one another with respect.
7. Set standards and goals for your family and marriage and stick to them.
8. Realize that yes, you are obviously in the spotlight due to your show. Either quit or deal with it in a healthy manner.
9. Get in a good Bible teaching healthy church and get into God’s Word and live by it.
10. Show the world that there is only one way to succeed and that can only be accomplished with God.


  1. I saw last night’s episode and it broke my heart. They both can’t have their own agenda (way). Biblically, the man is the head of the family and Kate really needs to start helping and supporting him in the goals he has for the family.
    Kate needs to yield and start showing love.
    Mrs. White

  2. I told Diane about that show last night and my thought is that if you really want your marriage (or any other relationship) to work you have to die to self. So not easy.

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